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DMC Software Solutions Pushes CRM Products
[February 18, 2009]

DMC Software Solutions Pushes CRM Products

TMCnet Contributing Editor
Calling this recession presents a survival-of-the-fittest problem for companies, DMC Software Solutions reportedly is urging small businesses that use Customer Relationship Management software to invest in proficient training to improve efficiency and see a faster return on investment in 2009.

Employing a good CRM solution is not enough experts say – it has to be utilized and implemented correctly to get effective targeting of prospects and customers, and regular communications with key accounts. This will result in substantial benefits like customer satisfaction and ultimately retention will be enhanced, value from existing customers increased and profitability improved.

This is possible only with appropriate training.
Once CRM users have been properly trained they will reduce time spent performing menial tasks and spend more time focusing on more profitable activities like exploiting the full functionality of the CRM system, maximizing sales opportunities and further developing the business. With sales revenues increasing the CRM solution will pay for itself quickly and the return on investment will quickly become evident.
DMC Software Solutions is a Peterborough based multi-million pound software and services provider specializing in CRM, financial and fully integrated business solutions. DMC Software Solutions works with Sage CRM business products and Sage integrated accountancy software.
As other small businesses wave red “S.O.S” flags amidst the current economic climate, DMC Software Solutions has taken a more aggressive stance resulting in an 18 percent increase in turnover. The software solutions provider has also reported a better previous quarter this year than last year. These results seem surprising as the recession casts a dark cloud over the economy. However, as other companies reduce their marketing dollars and sales drive, DMC reportedly has been weathering the storm and increasing business.
More than 40 percent of businesses in the high technology, aerospace and retail sectors across the United States and Europe have invested in CRM software, as well as two-thirds of telecom operators and more than half of financial services, pharmaceuticals and transport, according to a study by DMC Software Solutions.
As reported by TMCnet, recent survey highlighted some of the main problems with CRM software, which company officials found “mainly stemmed from choosing the right CRM software, dealing with the right software supplier to help them get the most out of their software and issues with integrating their CRM data with their other software systems.”  In fact, 67 percent said “finding time to chose and evaluate their CRM software” was a major issue, 51 percent said “synchronizing data” was a major issue and 43 percent said they were using “less than half” of their CRM systems functionality.
Officials at a Peterborough, England-based customer relationship management Software Company said today that many organizations that rely on CRM still aren’t getting the most out of the products, according to reports. While CRM systems are changing how businesses manage their data and relationship marketing, many of those businesses aren’t seeking expert advice or receiving structured training in the products, according to DMC Software Solutions.
Rebecca Haines, the company’s marketing manager, said it’s risky to invest in CRM without ensuring that the particular software is right for the company and that the supplier is willing to train employees in it. “The CRM software must be feature-rich to provide a company with much more than just a database solution, but at the same time it must be easy-to-use and it must provide real-time integration with other business software and data,” Haines said.

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