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JANE'S INFORMATION GROUP: Record Number of Nominations for ATC Global Awards 2008
[January 30, 2008]

JANE'S INFORMATION GROUP: Record Number of Nominations for ATC Global Awards 2008

(M2 PressWIRE Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)

London -- A record twenty-one nominations have been put forward for the
ATC Global Awards 2008, Jane's Airport Review revealed today. The
winners will be announced at a ceremony on Tuesday, 11 March 2008 at
the Holland Restaurant within the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre in
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This year's nominations from the air traffic control industry span
three continents and include small and multinational organisations.
There are six awards categories, designed to reward new developments as
well as collaborative ventures.The winners are selected by a panel of
senior representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration,
Eurocontrol, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the
Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and Jane's
Information Group.

The Award Categories are:

Enabling Technology Award- for contribution to enhanced capacity and
safety Industry Award - reflects a significant contribution by
equipment suppliers Development Award- for small enterprises which have
raised air traffic management (ATM) performance Service Provision
Award- for contribution to safe and efficient airspace management
Future Systems Award - for the development of future solutions
Contribution to European ATM Award

Brought to you by Jane's Airport Review, the ATC Awardsrecognise
endeavour and achievement in air traffic management and highlight
contributions made toward safer skies, capacity enhancements and
increased efficiency within the airspace management industry.

Editor's Notes

About the ATC Global Awards

The ATC Global Awards form part of the ATC Global 2008 Exhibition &
Conference, founded 18 years ago under the name of ATC Maastricht,
where it was held until February 2007. The exhibition has consistently
grown to become the world's largest event for the air traffic control
and management industry. It brings together the suppliers and key
buyers and specifiers of air traffic control and management products
and services from all over the world and every area of the industry.
With live product demonstrations, free seminars, leading conference and
industry awards gala, ATC Global is the meeting place for the global
ATC/ATM industry and key event for all ATC professionals. The next
exhibition will be held from 11-13 March 2008 at the Amsterdam RAI
Convention Centre in The Netherlands.

Full Nominee Listing Jane's has received 21 nominations from all parts
of the world, ranging from major international consortiums to small
local enterprises. The nominees are:

Adacel Inc - Aurora Software Adacel's Aurora System is an advanced
CNS/ATM system that improves airspace efficiency and provides higher
levels of customer service in oceanic airspaces, providing user
preferred routes, dynamic airborne rerouting and reductions in
separation. Aurora functionality enables important initiatives in
reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Atlantic and Pacific regions.
The system is operational in oceanic ATC centres in New Zealand,
Portugal, Iceland and the United States. Airways New Zealand estimates
the emissions savings made possible by its oceanic systems at c.25
million tonnes per year.

Airtel ATN (Ireland) - Aeronautical data communications software
Airtel-ATN developedaeronautical data communications software to
support Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) standards.
Applications include the first air/ground and ground/ground router
commercially deployed in 2000, and the first airborne ATN router for
the Rockwell-Collins communications management unit installed on
American Airlines aircraft flight decks to match VDL-2 requirements.
The core software technology for the ProATN Router is now in use
worldwide. Today this software is in constant use throughout the world
both on the ground and in the air, nowhere more so than in supporting
EUROCONTROL's air traffic management operations.

ANS (Czech Republic) - Integrated Air Traffic Control Centre (IATCC) in
Prague In February 2007 ANS completed the Integrated Air Traffic
Control Centre (IATCC) in Prague, the largest investment and
development project in the entire history of Czech civil aviation. The
IATCC ensures a maximum level of safety in the Czech airspace; fulfils
air carriers' requirements to increase capacity of air navigation
services systems; and aids centralisation of NAS CR operation. The
CZK3,500 million project will meet airspacecapacity requirements
beyond the 2015 horizon within the Single European Sky project.

Comsoft GMbH (Germany) - AMHS universal communications gateway
Comsoft's AIDA-NG/ECG is a universal communications gateway for
aeronautical messaging, to meet the new ICAO standard aeronautical
message handling system (AMHS). First launched in 2002 AIDA-NG/ECG has
been rolled out worldwide since 2006 and has a market share of about 80
per cent of new AMHS systems sold worldwide. Numerous customers have
provided extremely positive feedback.

Eurocontrol (Belgium) - The Airport Operations Programme Eurocontrol's
Airport Operations Programme includes five areas - Airport
Collaborative Decision Making, Airside Capacity Enhancement; the
Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and ControlSystem; Runway Safety;
and Wake Vortex. The programme is supported by videos, documentation,
implementation manuals, cost-benefit analysis and safety cases.Many
airports report benefits, such as Munich's adoption of collaborative
decision making in June 2007; runway guidance measures at London
Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich airports; and
capacity methodology at Prague, Lisbon and Brussels.

HITT Traffic (The Netherlands) - Airport Insight HITT Traffic's Airport
Insight is a web-based product enabling collaboration and process
optimisation resulting in lower operational costs, reduced
environmental impact and improved services.Airport Insight enables
airlines to follow, analyse and optimise ground operations at their
main base and helps airports to reduce infrastructure maintenance costs
and increase runway capacity. It has been operated by KLM Airlines
since April 2007 (where it earned back the cost of the system in one
Dutch winter), and at Copenhagen Airport since December 2007.

ICC (Czech Republic) - Integration of the new Prague centre Czech
software house ICC played a significant role in the successful opening
of the Czech Air Navigation Services' (ANS) new integrated air traffic
control centre (IATCC) in Prague in February 2007. The company
installed 120 ATC workstations, eight critical servers and systems, and
covered planning, information management, and radar fallback, leading
to the successful completion of the new facility.

Micro Nav Ltd (U.K.) - Fast Airport Builder Simulation specialist Micro
Nav developed Fast Airport Builder (FAB) allows users to create and
update 3D airport models without the need for modelling specialists or
third party tools.

Launched in 2007, FAB has been actively used by a Greek Airport
Consultancy company and has recently been selected by Anadolu
University, Turkey, as part of their Tower and Radar simulator
programme. Micro Nav expects FAB to revolutionise the cost of creating
3D visual models for airport planning, simulation and training.

National Air Traffic Services (NATS) UK

1. Heathrow new control tower project In 2007 Heathrow underwent its
biggest operational change in over 50 years when NATS controllers and
support staff moved to a new, GBP60 million, control tower. The move
required all operational staff to be trained on the new operating
system, as well as the introduction of electronic flight progress
strips and a custom-built 360-degree simulator. NATS completed the
project on time, on budget and with virtually no interruption to the
airport's operations, and in less than a week after the move declared
"business as usual" at the new tower.

2. London Lower Airspace Radar Service

Infringement of controlled airspace by light aircraft threatens the
safety of commercial flight operations in the London region and can
cause significant disruption to airports.So in September 2007, NATS UK
introducedthe London Lower Airspace Radar Service (LARS), providing a
free-of-charge advisory service to light aircraft transiting London's
airspace below 10,000 feet. In its first three months of operation,
LARS prevented 38 airspace infringements and handled numerous light
aircraft emergencies. The second phase of the operation covers the
airspace north of London, including Luton and Stansted, and is
scheduled to go live in March 2008.

3. London Terminal Control Function moves to the Swanwick Centre The
London Terminal Control function handles all flights to and from
Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, London City and the three business
airfields of Farnborough, Biggin Hill and Northolt. The four-year GBP90
million project involved building a new Operations Room and relocating
more than 500 staff. In November 2007, NATS transferred the entire
Terminal Control operation from West Drayton to Swanwick, overnight and
without any service interruption, on time and on budget. The move is
the first part of NATS two-centre business strategy, which will create
additional ATC capacity in UK airspace and see operations consolidated
at two centres: Swanwick and Prestwick.

Park Air Systems (Norway) -The SCAT-1 Project In October 2007 Park Air
Systems completed the world's very first GPS ground based augmentation
landing system for commercial operations at Bronnoysund Airport,
Norway. The Norwegian SCAT-1 project is replacing step-down demanding
approaches by safer instrumented precision approaches on regional
airports in Norway, where conventional landing systems are not feasible.

Principle Group (U.K.) - Fosair modular ATC/M desk Principle Group's
new Fosair Modular ATC workstation is designed to replace the
traditional fixed console desk for air traffic controllers. Fosair
workstation features include efficient cable management; optimum
viewing by operator; air-flow management; individualheight adjustment
and desktop positioning; and easy reconfiguration. A total of 220
consoles will be installed at the new NATS centre in Prestwick by May

Sensis Corporation (USA) - Cockpit Alerting Technology Sensis
Corporation and Honeywell's Cockpit Alerting Technology detects and
communicates potential runway incursions directly to an aircraft
cockpit, synchronized with air traffic control tower alerts. The
project was launched with the objective of defining an open standard
which could be adopted by all airport surface management systems
worldwide. The technology was demonstrated to US FAA and National
Transportation Safety Board officials in August 2007.

SESAR Consortium (France) - SESAR Definition Phase The SESAR Consortium
is an air transport group representing all stakeholder categories and
co-funded by the EC and Eurocontrol. The Definition Phase, started in
March 2007, is the first step in the SESAR programme and defines plans
of renovating European air traffic management to address performance
objectives for 2020 and beyond.After endorsement by the Council of
Ministers in June 2008, the main output, the "ATM Masterplan" (D5),
will be handed over to the SESAR Joint Undertaking for the development
activities. The Definition Phase has led to an unprecedented
mobilisation of the aeronautical industry not only in Europe but also
in other regions of the world.

SITA and DGCA (Indonesia) - Indonesian Regional Automatic Dependent
Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Operational Trial SITA and DGCA
Indonesia nominated the ADS-B trial in Indonesia which enabled
real-time surveillance data sharing between regional navigation service
providers in 2007. ICAO has since formed a sub-regional task force to
accelerate the implementation of ADS-B in the region, and Indonesia's
DGCA is using the trial's recommendations to provide policy guidance to
begin implementing ADS-B operationally in Indonesia starting in 2008.

Stratech Systems (Singapore) - iFerret runway surveillance and FOD
system Stratech's iFerret Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection system
was developed to improve runway safety. It is a passive system that can
detect an object the size of a golf ball at 250 m, continuously
monitors the runway and offers a full visual assessment and
verification of the FOD. It can adapt to environmental changes such as
lighting conditions, shadows and weather. Stratech demonstrated iFerret
airfield/runway surveillance and foreign object and debris (FOD)
detection system at Singapore Changi and the FAA Center of Excellence
in Airport Technology in 2007.

Thales (France) - ADS-B trial Thales is the key supplier for the two
largest ADS-B operational deployments: the FAA surveillance broadcast
services project; and the Australian upper airspace programme. In
addition, the joint venture between L-3 Communications and Thales,
ACSS, has delivered over 9,000 TCAS avionics packages to aircraft
operators, establishing a large base of ADS-B capable aircraft.
Transtech Airport Solutions (Israel) - CAMS Non-Cooperative A-SMGCS
Transtech's innovative ground surveillance technology addresses the
industry's urgent need for runway safety improvement while increasing
airport capacity. The CAMS is a runway safety net based on distributed
millimeter wave radar for detection, and non-cooperative optical
sensors for flight identification.The system's 2-dimensional and
3-dimensional displays provide consolidated airfield traffic maps.
London Luton began operating CAMS in October 2007, and the system being
tested at Frankfurt Hahn, Madrid Barajas, and U.S.

Wacom Europe (Germany) - CINTIQ 21 UX interactive pen display Wacom
Europe's CINTIQ 21 UX interactive pen display allows complete
replacement of the analogue flight strip with a digital system. The
display works directly on the electronic flight strips, which can be
edited and managed using the pen as if on paper. This requires no
additional training and saves time. Since launch in 2005, between 2,000
and 3,000 displays have been installed at ATCs and Airports in over 15

John Crichton, President and CEO, Nav Canada John Crichton has led Nav
Canada's transformation form a government owned and operated CAA into
an efficient, agile and responsive private sector corporation. Under
John Crichton's leadership, Canada's air navigation system has
experienced a reduction in system delays, annual operating expenses and
improved safety. It has launched an ADS-B programme, developed the
EXCDS paperless flight data processing and display system, and
implemented the Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (CAATS).

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