TMCnet News MicroCap Media LLC. Releases Analayst Telecom Report from TRYSTOCKOPTIONS.COM and Covers MDOR.OB, NYSE: NOK, and TMX
[January 08, 2008] MicroCap Media LLC. Releases Analayst Telecom Report from TRYSTOCKOPTIONS.COM and Covers MDOR.OB, NYSE: NOK, and TMX

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MicroCap Media LLC. Releases Analayst Telecom Report from

This Research report has been written by Long time Wall Street Guru
Jonathan Reeping the CEO and Founder of MicroCap Media LLC... It has
been made available with industry partners
Mr. Reeping is a Series 7 and 63 Licensed Equities Manager who founded
MicroCap Media LLC. with the hopes of bringing the power of the
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Nokia Showcases Leadership in Converged Devices, Internet Services and
Exciting New 'Green' Initiatives Monday January 7, 6:00 am ET -
Consumer experiences take center stage with Nokia at CES 2008 -

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7 / -- At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES),
Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is showcasing the industry's widest array of wireless
devices and is dedicating more exhibit space than ever before to
hands-on demonstrations of Nokia-branded and third-party wireless
applications, services and mobile experiences. This increased emphasis
is a direct result of the growing importance of software and services
in the wireless industry, and reflects Nokia's evolution from a pure
manufacturer of wireless hardware into a true Internet company. Another
area of emphasis within the Nokia exhibit is the environment, and how
Nokia has been leading the way in developing and utilizing
environmentally responsible business practices. Nokia's exhibit at CES
2008 is located in the upper level of the Las Vegas Convention Center's
south hall, booth #30313.

ADVERTISEMENT click here "Nokia is proud to be connecting more people
around the world than anyone else as the world's leading manufacturer
of wireless handsets, and the leader in converged mobile devices.
However, we are even more excited about the future of mobility, and how
Nokia's new focus on services is setting the stage for the
transformation of the entire wireless industry," said Mark Louison,
President, Nokia Inc. "Most importantly, Nokia is focused on achieving
its goals in a way that looks not only at the future of mobility, but
is also mindful of the future of our environment as well."

The leader in converged devices

Further cementing its position as the global leader in converged
devices, Nokia today introduced the Nokia N95 8GB, optimized for the
Americas market. The Nokia N95 8GB builds upon the legacy of the
successful Nokia N95 by adding an even larger display and built-in 8GB
of internal memory while supporting high-speed HSDPA networks on the
850MHz and 1900MHz bands that are prevalent across the Americas.
Additionally, Nokia introduced a stunning limited-edition bright red
version of the multiple award-winning Nokia N95 for the US which
includes the full suite of highly acclaimed features that consumers
across the globe are craving. Only 5,000 units of this special red
Nokia N95 will be available during first quarter of 2008. This new
limited edition red version of the Nokia N95, along with the current
black and bronze versions, has an estimated retail price of $599.

The multi-award winning business-class Nokia E61i, was today named the
"Best Mobile Handset for Enterprise" by InfoWorld and will be among the
full range of Nokia's converged devices on demonstration in the Nokia
exhibit. In addition, Nokia will also be highlighting the eagerly
anticipated, award-winning Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, the
musically-inclined Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
handsets and unique new mobile enhancements like the Nokia Power Pack
DC-1 for easy recharging on the go and the Nokia Bluetooth Headset
BH-902, which includes its own display for caller ID and phonebook

Consumer experiences in the spotlight

More than half of Nokia's CES exhibit will be dedicated to
demonstrating the consumer experiences that are the driving force
behind Nokia's transition into an Internet company. Some of the
services and applications on display include Nokia Maps; a
fully-featured mapping and navigation application that is available for
Nokia's S60-based converged devices, Widgets; lightweight, web-based
applications that deliver personalized content to Nokia devices,
N-Gage; Nokia's advanced, connected wireless game service, and Nokia
Internet Radio, which delivers an ever-growing selection of Internet
radio stations directly to any Nokia S60-based handset.

Along with these Nokia services, a number of exciting third-party
applications will also be highlighted at the Nokia CES 2008 exhibit.
These include SlingPlayer, which allows users to experience their home
television directly from their wireless device via Wi-Fi or 3G
networks, Rhapsody, the service that transforms the Nokia N810 Internet
Tablet into a virtual jukebox with millions of songs on demand, and
Skype, the popular VoIP service that is now available for the Nokia
N810 Internet Tablet.

Driving responsible environmental practices

Nokia has long been the recognized leader in driving responsible
environmental practices, and at CES 2008, a number of these innovations
will be on display. The recently announced Nokia 3110 Evolve will be
shown for the first time in North America. The device features a range
of environmentally-focused features including covers which are made
from over 50% renewable bio-materials, reduced size packaging, and a
new charger that uses 94% less energy than required by Energy Star

With an eye to the future, the Nokia Eco Sensor concept will also be
shown for the first time in North America at CES 2008. The Nokia Eco
Sensor concept examines how green technologies may be used in the
future to create ever more sustainable devices. Inspired by the "three
R's" principle -- reduce, reuse and recycle -- the concept explores a
range of potential new materials and technologies such as printed
electronics, bio-materials and reclaimed materials. It also looks at
ways that mobile technology could employ mobile sensing to monitor and
report on both the health of the user and the surrounding environmental

Within the environmental display, Nokia will also have a recycling
collection point where CES attendees can drop off old mobile phones and
accessories for proper recycling. Visitors to the exhibit will also be
able to see some of the environmental services available through Nokia.

Shareholders of Mexico's Telmex, the country's dominant fixed line
phone company, on Friday approved a spin-off of its fast-growing
international operations from the stagnant parent firm.

Telmex (TMX.N: Quote, Profile, Research) (TELMEXL.MX: Quote, Profile,
Research), controlled by billionaire tycoon Carlos Slim, agreed to call
the new company Telmex Internacional. Plans are to list the company on
Mexican and U.S. stock markets.

The international company will include fixed-line operators, television
cable companies and Internet service providers in Brazil, Argentina,
Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Telmex, a former state-owned monopoly, dominates the fixed-line and
long-distance market in Mexico but has come under pressure in its local
markets from increased competition and shrinking profit margins.
(Reporting by Chris Aspin; Editing by Gary Hill)


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