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Gensym Launches G2 8.3 Release Portfolio
[June 07, 2007]

Gensym Launches G2 8.3 Release Portfolio

BURLINGTON, Mass. --(Business Wire)-- Gensym Corporation (Pink Sheets: GNSM), a leading provider of rule engine software for mission-critical solutions, today announces the immediate availability of its flagship G2 Version 8.3 for real-time rule engine platform and all Gensym G2-based application products. The application products that are available with G2 Version 8.3 Release Portfolio are G2 ReThink(R) 5.1, G2 e-SCOR 5.1, G2 Optegrity(R) 5.1, G2 NeurOn-Line(TM) 5.1 and G2 Integrity(TM) 5.0. G2 Version 8.3 is available for Windows, Solaris SPARC, HP-UX, HP Tru64, IBM AIX and Linux Red Hat Operating Systems.

G2 Version 8.3 includes new integration technology that web-enables G2 and supports Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) in G2's traditional markets of discrete manufacturing, process industry, government and telecom. G2 Version 8.3 also introduces new usability, look and feel improvements, and increased developer productivity within an application framework to rapidly configure and build rule-based event driven decision management solutions.

"As requested by many of our OEM customers," said Robert Ashton, CEO of Gensym Corporation, "all applications have been updated to take advantage of G2 Version 8.3 release. With this major release, Gensym continues to maintain its strong investments in G2 technology. We are committed to advancing our leading reasoning technology by embracing IT standards for Windows, SOA, and web services. These application modules leverage the application framework and developer's utilities so our customers may build custom applications."

G2 Version 8.3 is Web enabled and includes support for web services, sending and receiving messages based on SOAP and HTTP. G2 Version 8.3 supports both client and server web functionality enabling users to query HTML and XML documents using HTTP, SOAP and WSDL, and exposing G2's advanced event-driven, decision management logic via web services, SOAP and HTML. In addition, G2 Version 8.3 supports TCP/IP socket communication. This new standard-based integration technology facilitates integration into web portals, enterprise systems, legacy or proprietary systems and devices.

Gensym offers tremendous value for helping customers maintain continuity with their business rules management. G2 Version 8.3 has several editors to edit rules using a point and click editor, decision tables or a natural language editor. Rules and decision tables can be edited in the Telewindows Next Generation rich client user interface or in Excel. G2 Version 8.3 includes facilities for rule analysis techniques including rule conflicts, rule collisions and rule redundancies. The rule explanation facility allows users to trace rule invocations, as well as variable and parameter updates. In addition to seeing a visual representation of an explanation, users can now see a programmatic representation of an explanation.

With improved developer productivity, the native G2 editor available in Telewindows Next Generation, G2's Windows rich client user interface, has been improved, providing dynamic prompting similar to the classic editor. Numerous new presentation techniques provide an enhanced look and feel, interaction with schematics, 2D and 3D charts and Windows dialogs to build adaptive multi-user and role based user interfaces. G2 Version 8.3 provides enhancements to the original G2 change logging facility to view version differences, tag versions and rollback to earlier versions as a comprehensive version control that is available at development time and deployment time. This new versioning control supports class definitions, procedures, rules, functions and more. G2 Version 8.3 also includes a new execution thread synchronization mechanism with unique dead lock detection and resolution.

G2 Version 8.3 includes an application framework with new developer's modules. This framework provides a consistent way of developing G2-based applications, improving developer productivity and providing consistency in applications. These modules cover many patterns such as reporting, charting, messaging, event detection, rule management, data source management and sensor (datapoints) configuration, logging and replay. This application framework includes support for a Telewindows Rich Client user interface as well as a web-based interface for message browsing and report visualization. To minimize deployment costs of user seats, the framework may also be configured for zero client deployment, supporting automatic downloads, installation and connection of the Telewindows Rich Client. G2 ReThink 5.1, G2 e-SCOR 5.1, G2 Optegrity 5.1, G2 NeurOn-Line 5.1 and G2 Integrity 5.0 leverage this common architecture and framework.

"We have worked closely with Gensym's technical team to enhance G2's reasoning technology. Lightwave Technologies uses G2 as a subcomponent of its flagship product called "ICE" (The Intelligent Control of Energy), which uses G2 along with a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence techniques such as fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms along with thermodynamic optimization algorithms to manage more efficiently energy costs of commercial buildings while maintaining the same comfort level." says Nicholas McNulty, CEO of Lightwave Technologies. "This unique set of technologies allows ICE to 'learn' a building precise thermal response to varying outside weather conditions, internal occupancy requirements, and building plant responses and behavior. G2 provided an efficient 'rapid-development' platform to tie all these sub-components together."

Gensym's G2 Version 8.3 Release Portfolio allows access to all of Gensym applications. Based on G2 Version 8.3, Gensym's G2 Integrity Version 5.0 has been redesigned and leverages the Windows user interface. Integrity Version 5.0 also improves time to solutions with pre-packaged tools to access devices via web pages or Telnet sessions, ping or traceroute network devices, to interact with SNMP enabled devices, or perform IP scans.

About Gensym Corporation

Gensym Corporation ( is a leading provider of rule engine software and services for mission-critical solutions that automate decisions in real time. Gensym's flagship G2 software applies real-time rule technology for decisions that optimize operations and that detect, diagnose, and resolve costly problems. With G2, the world's largest organizations in manufacturing, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospace, finance and government can maximize the agility of their businesses and achieve greater levels of performance. Gensym and its numerous partners deliver a range of services throughout the world, including training, software support, application consulting and complete solutions.

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