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Apple laptop rumored to be updated
[August 26, 2006]

Apple laptop rumored to be updated

(Comtex Business Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) HONOLULU, Aug 25, 2006 (Ka Leo O Hawaii, U-WIRE via COMTEX) --If you were planning on buying an Apple notebook, you might consider waiting until Sept. 16. By this date, Apple will have held their annual Paris Expo, an event known for new product announcements -- and this year, it's rumored to include a newly, upgraded Mac Book Pro.

At the 2006 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held on Aug. 7 to 11 in San Francisco, the newly developed Mac Pro, the latest Apple desktop, introduced a new generation of Macintosh computers, which many in attendance said may make older models obsolete.

Intel recently released its Core 2 Duo microarchitecture technology-based chip, which the Mac Pro uses. The new Core 2 processors run more quickly and much more efficiently than its "outdated brethren," the Intel Dual Core, which happens to be only six months 'younger' than the current generation. But, currently, the Core 2 processor chip only occupies desktop computers.

WWDC speaker Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of World Wide Product Marketing, explained that the chip is efficient in the sense that "[it] delivers tremendous performance per watt," meaning that you get more power from less energy.

Utilizing this technology in notebooks, where space is limited and power is needed, naturally made sense to Apple. "[The feature] is going to be really important ... in notebooks and thin desktops," Schiller said.

In the technology business, newer and faster things are constantly being introduced to the public. It's not uncommon for new products to become obsolete within months; Apple computers being no exception, he said.

In May 2001, Apple released one of its most popular laptop computers: the iBook. The iBook became the staple notebook computer for Apple until January 2002 when the new PowerBook was released.

In less than a year, the iBook became obsolete. Then, in May 2006, the MacBook further replaced the now obsolete iBook sporting the new Intel Dual Core processor. Shortly before the release of the MacBook, Apple released its MacBook Pro in January 2006, replacing the PowerBook.

A visit to the Apple Store at Ala Moana Shopping Center revealed that both the iBook and PowerBook are no longer on shelves.

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO and the fore speaker at the WWDC, announced that "three-fourths of [Apple's] Macs ... were Intel-based" shortly before releasing the Mac Pro. According to Schiller, when the Mac Pro was released just 210 days later, every computer was equipped with the technology, a testament to a move by Macintosh to make its products obsolete in about half a year.

The University of Hawaii bookstore, located within the Campus Center, houses its own Apple Store allowing students to purchase Apple computers -- laptops and desktops. With a University ID students and staff can save anywhere from $100 -- $300 on the "latest" computers.

Having his own Mac Pro to display in the Apple retail store, Service Tech Royce Fujitani comments that the Core 2 processor "works really well [and] it's fast." But when it comes to predicting new products not everyone can be so sure.

"It's a strong possibility ... [Apple's] pretty good at not releasing information ... rumors get everyone's expectation so high." Fujitani replied when asked if he believed the September Expo will reveal a new laptop. "If a customer comes to buy a laptop, they want it now ... those who know about [the Core 2 processors], will wait."

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