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IPTV Americas aiming for 2-3 million subscribers in 3yrs
[August 16, 2006]

IPTV Americas aiming for 2-3 million subscribers in 3yrs

( Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) US startup IP television systems provider IPTV Americas expects to reach a client base of 2-3 million users for its IP TV service from small Latin American telecoms operators, according to the company's three-year business plan, company CEO Alvaro Gazolo told BNamericas.

Launched in the third quarter of 2005, IPTV Americas offers IP TV services especially developed for Latin American telcos that offer DSL services. The company's platform allows operators to offer triple play services with a minimum investment.

"IPTV Americas is focusing on telephony companies since today they face competition from cable operators who are stealing clients, particularly telephony subscribers. Triple play solutions are very important since they allow telcos to increase revenues and reduce churn," Gazolo said.

IPTV Americas' solution offers TV services over ADSL networks using the internet protocol MPEG-4. Through this technology, the cabling system allows users to receive three channels though the set top box is designed to receive all available channels.

"With this technology, the TV signal is on the network so the set top box sends the channel the user requests. It sends and receives the signal. And since it is all digital that happens in only a few seconds," Gazolo said.

IPTV Americas is currently deploying tests in Panama and Chile and aiming to launch the first commercial services in September. The company operates through an IPTV network in Miami with fiber optic access for all Latin American telephony operators through the NAP of the Americas.

IPTV Americas' business model is based on revenue sharing with operators. According to Gazolo, IPTV Americas does not charge a fixed amount per contract but shares subscriber revenues with its operator clients.

"Telephony operators have no experience and do not know how to enter the paid TV market so we have the experience, the platform and we also offer content. Everyone is eyeing this IPTV service as a huge possibility for operators, because if they do not use it they will loose clients to cable operators," Gazolo added.

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