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Canakkale Archaeology Museum boasts an excellent security system
[June 15, 2006]

Canakkale Archaeology Museum boasts an excellent security system

(Turkish Daily News Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) As a heated discussion rages over whether or not security at Turkish museums is adequate to protect the country's archaeological wealth from thieves and smugglers, one museum in Turkey stands out among others with a security system that is even capable of detecting an insect.

The Canakkale Archaeology Museum, known throughout the world for its collection from the ancient city of Troy, houses nearly 30,000 artifacts excavated from 200 sites in and around Canakkale.

The museum has been protected for 15 years by a closed-circuit camera system as well as an alarm system that is sensitive even to insects.

Security measures in Turkish museums have recently come under fire following the disappearance of pieces from the famous Karun Treasure from the Usak Archaeology Museum

Periodic inventories:

Museum Director Nurten Sevinc told the Anatolia news agency the museum was totally protected with the objective of preserving the cultural and historical wealth held by the museum and passing this legacy on to coming generations.

Sevinc said inventory was regularly taken in the museum and that to date they haven't experienced any type of negative situation. "Our museum hosts important cultural and historical items belonging to the oldest civilizations that take visitors on a journey through history. Our goal is to maintain this heritage and pass it on to future generations. Thus, we painstakingly protect the museum and the artifacts. The interior of the museum is monitored 24 hours a day using a special camera system and all video recorded is kept in our archives."

"In addition to this camera system, we have an alarm system that is sensitive to insects. The system is so sensitive that if an insect gets too close to an exhibit the alarm will be activated. Our museum is also regularly visited by police teams to further improve our security measures," she said

Artifacts excavated from sites surrounding Canakkale as well as those unearthed in Troy are exhibited in the museum.

Findings from the Dardanos tumulus including jewelry, gold rings and diadems, candles, textiles, wooden items and sarcophagi dating to 200 B.C. and unique historical pieces unearthed from Biga and Lapseki as well as Trojan artifacts are among the most important pieces on display in the museum.

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