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Bush's Biometric IDs Feasible For Employers, Citizens, Says Digital Defense Group
[May 17, 2006]

Bush's Biometric IDs Feasible For Employers, Citizens, Says Digital Defense Group

OMAHA, Neb. --(Business Wire)-- May 17, 2006 -- Digital Defense(TM) Group today endorsed President Bush's call for biometric ID cards for legal foreign workers, insisting that privacy and security can be attained simultaneously and without undue burden to taxpayers. The company's Factor4(TM) biocards(TM) are the world's only self-enrolling, credit card-sized fingerprint authentication device - technology that puts a user's unique biometric signature directly onto the card and eliminates the need for a centralized database or external software during enrollment and authentication.

Bush's proposal would work especially well with Factor4 biocard technology according to Steve Campisi, president of Digital Defense Group, a subsidiary of Gabriel Technologies Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board:GWLK).

"The government would still need to confirm a person's identity with their existing processes" says Campisi. "But, from there, things get pretty easy. A person can enroll their biocard in a few minutes."

Digital Defense Group envisions a system where foreign workers, after registering with the government, are mailed a Factor4 biocard for enrollment. Once enrolled on the biocard, the user can verify their identity wirelessly for employers, government agencies and others.

"Digital Defense Group technology can catapult the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program," says Campisi. "I-9 verification becomes very easy for employers. Moreover, Factor4 biocard can be used for door-to-desktop security inside organizations with foreign workers. We are the 'secure and reliable form of identification' referred to in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12)."

Campisi added that Factor4 biocards virtually eliminates fraud and identity theft. Digital Defense Group's biocards are encapsulated in a manner that renders them useless if someone tries to tamper with them. And, because a biocard only authenticates to its enrolled user, theft is meaningless.

"We offer the highest level of security and biometric privacy simultaneously," says Campisi. "And we're pleased that our value proposition is being noticed. Even Rush Limbaugh talked yesterday about how our biocards could get the job done."

About Digital Defense Group

Digital Defense Group is a developer and supplier of biometric security products. The Omaha, Neb.-based subsidiary of Gabriel Technologies Corp. (OTCBB:GWLK), began research and product development of a wireless, self-enrolling biometric card in 2001 and launched the Factor4 and IronGate on-card self-enrolling biocards in 2005. Factor4 biocard is engineered for logical and physical access. IronGate biocard features proprietary technology that boosts its transmission up to 10 meters. Visit or call (402) 397-CARD for more information.

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