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JAJAH is manna from heaven
[February 17, 2006]

JAJAH is manna from heaven

There is a new VoIP service on the block called JAJAH web-activated telephony. An article posted by Solokay in the VoIPpark Forum describes this service best.

“To me, for those people with slow internet connection such as dial up jajah web is manna from heaven. They can now enjoy the cost savings of voip telephony without a broadband internet connection. Jajah web makes it possible to use your normal or mobile phone to make internet calls. No download, no installation, no headset is required to use jajah web. All that is required is to go to and registered for the service. To make a call just enter your telephone number and the number of the person you want to call and click Call. Immediately your phone will ring and a voice will ask you to hold while your call is connected , in seconds your call is connected and you can continue to make internet call using your normal telephone. I have been testing this service since it was launched last week and it has been really great. The audio quality is very good and connections are made almost instantly. The only down side I noticed was the fact that the person you call also hears a voice asking him/her to wait while the called is connected. So you might get questions like who was that, that first pick the phone when you call or similar. Really great service for those with slow internet connection and also when one is on the move, you can just go a nearby internet café and use jajah web to connect your mobile phone and whoever you want to call anywhere in the world. The rates are really low too, just the standard rate of jajah for PC-to-Phone calls”

I tried it and it works just fine. Next person to tell about that is my mother, I am sure, even she will be able to use it.

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