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IT EXPO Keynote Review: Carly Fiorina
[October 25, 2005]

IT EXPO Keynote Review: Carly Fiorina

TMCnet Communications and Broadband Columnist
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said Tuesday in a keynote presentation at IT EXPO in Los Angeles that she sees several "mega trends" taking place in the communications industry.

First, Fiorina said that every physical process and analog content will become digital, mobile, virtual and personal.

"It will happen to everything," she said.
 Fiorina used the photography industry to make her point.  In the past, separate industries existed for the camera, the film, the developer, etc.  Today, the cell phone with a camera is the most ubiquitous photography technology in the world, Fiorina said.
"It is about the individual saying, 'I am in charge,'" Fiorina said, adding that we are seeing the convergence of this mobile, digital, virtual and personal concept in the music and entertainment industries as well.
The most challenging aspect of this trend is integrating it into the medical profession such that an individual has the access, expertise for care when and where he or she wants it, Fiorina added.
The second mega trend that Fiorina sees is the transfer of vertical to horizontal chains of command within companies and between companies.
"None of your customers care how you are organized," Fiorna addressed the members of the audience.  "A new chain of command is needed … the next generation will not tolerate what we tolerated."
Fiorina said that the country needs to stop thinking nationally and to start thinking globally.
"There are no companies of any size that aren't in some … way dependent on a company outside the United States," Fiorina noted.  "We will lag behind if we don't embrace becoming more integrated with the rest of the world."
To achieve these results, the necessary regulatory framework must be in place.  In doing so, Fiorina said that regulators need to change their approach of protecting consumers to "enabling" consumers.
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