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Nokia's 93001 Smart Phone And... Trixie!
[November 29, 2005]

Nokia's 93001 Smart Phone And... Trixie!

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Nokia has added an offering to its high-end smart phone range, the Nokia 9300i, which incorporates WLAN connectivity with a full keyboard, 65,536-color screen, support for a broad range of enterprise e-mail tools and an attachment viewer.  It should be available early next year.

With the addition of WLAN connectivity, the Nokia 9300i is improving its data connection for downloading large files or e-mail with attachments. It has 80 MB of memory capacity, expandable up to 2GB with an optional MMC card.

The Nokia 9300i smart phone supports E-GPRS and WLAN 802.11g, five party conference calling via an integrated speakerphone and multiple e-mail clients (with attachments), including BlackBerry Connect, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile. It integrates infrared and Bluetooth capabilities.

There’s also a triband version for mobile networks in Europe and Asia (900/1800/1900 MHz) and capable of operating in compatible GSM networks in the Americas.

This thing's gotten quite a bit of buzz, but nobody's really doing much other than reprinting the press release. The British techno-mag/softcore for high school losers T3, British technology coverage's answer to The Sun, where socially-deprived technogeeks can ogle scantily-clad models gripping cell phones and other techie toys ("Kathlynne as dressed by Victoria's Secret, 34C-24-34, green eyes, Pisces, but hey Nigel, check out that Nokia 93001 Smart phone! Get a load of that 65K color screen! Cor!"), says the 9300i is "packing a full Qwerty keyboard with a decent-sized keypad that thankfully doesn't require liquorice-thin fingers to use."

Honestly, what is it with British journalism? Is there any publication outside of Nuns' Quarterly that doesn't use T&A to attract… I almost said "readers."

All About Symbian boils the punchy news down to "main changes are Wi-Fi (of course, including 802.11g), 1100mAh battery, predictive text input on the cover phone and a rich Instant Messaging client."

AME Info says the smart phone "just got smarter," and seems particularly impressed with the WLAN connectivity.

Frankly, this reporter's impressed with Sylvia.

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