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LetsTalk Survey Reveals American Interest in Advanced Functionality on Wireless Devices
[November 10, 2005]

LetsTalk Survey Reveals American Interest in Advanced Functionality on Wireless Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Online wireless retailer LetsTalk today announced the results of a national survey asking Americans what they want to do with their wireless phones besides chat. Although the wireless industry often focuses efforts on selling new functionality to young, early adopters, research shows that an emerging mass market -- cutting across income, age, gender and family status -- is looking for advanced functionality.

The survey, commissioned by LetsTalk and conducted by research firm Harris Interactive, was conducted in October 2005. The poll interviewed a representative sampling of more than 2,000 Americans aged 18 years or older and asked: If cost were not a factor, how interested would you be in having the following features available on your cell phone? The respondents could answer with degrees of interested or not interested for each feature.
LetsTalk then broke down the results to show, of the group that already have cell phones, what percentage of them wanted each feature.
- Email: 66%
- Digital camera: 63%
- Web surfing: 47%
- Music player: 47%
- PDA: 46%
- Video: 41%

"It is refreshing to see such a broad interest in advanced features on cell phones," said Delly Tamer, founder and CEO of LetsTalk. "This new functionality is not limited to early adopters. Our research shows that American consumers across all segments are interested in all kinds of advanced features on their cell phones. Consumers want to use their phones to be more productive and to be entertained."
LetsTalk's research showed that certain demographics outperformed the already high national averages. For example:
- Women: Women were more interested in new functionality such as emailing,
music players and digital cameras than men. 18-34 year old women were
off the charts -- 83% wanted emailing capability, 81% wanted digital
cameras and 76% wanted a music player.
- Parents: Research showed that parents were much more likely to want new
functionality than the national average. Digital cameras and email
topped the list, but across all advanced functions, parents were about
25% more likely to be interested in these features than non-parents.
- Baby boomers: People 45-54 years old were cutting edge as well. 53% of
boomers were interested in digital cameras, 53% wanted email, 39% wanted
PDA and 37% wanted a music player. - the smarter way to buy a cell phone

LetsTalk is a leading online retailer of cell phones, wireless devices and service plans. LetsTalk helps consumers research, compare and purchase cell phones and service plans in a user-friendly environment free from bias and sales pressure. LetsTalk has seen significant momentum in 2005, and was recently recognized by comScore Networks as the 2nd highest gaining retailer in terms of site traffic from the 2003 to 2004 holiday seasons. LetsTalk is based in San Francisco and was founded in July of 1999.
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