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Research and Markets: Revenues for the Total Worldwide Wireless LAN Security Market Are Expected to Continue to Grow from US$41.1m (EUR 35.7m) in 2002 to US$278.7m by 2009
[July 06, 2005]

Research and Markets: Revenues for the Total Worldwide Wireless LAN Security Market Are Expected to Continue to Grow from US$41.1m (EUR 35.7m) in 2002 to US$278.7m by 2009

DUBLIN, Ireland --(Business Wire)-- July 6, 2005 -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Wireless LAN Security-- An Industry Outlook to their offering

The wireless LAN market is expanding year after year along with the rapid spread of broadband infrastructure. Recent advances in technology have made commercial deployments of wireless networks possible, opening up a potentially huge business opportunity. The WLAN market is set to grow at an annual rate of 30% per year to nearly $5 billion by 2006. WLAN equipment sales have jumped 60% from this time last year to the present. WLANs for the home and small offices are projected to grow 103% and WLAN sales to the enterprise will grow at 32%.

Although relatively new, the wireless local area network (WLAN) security market has been experiencing tremendous growth as wireless technology becomes more widespread. Enterprises are shifting to WLAN technology as they realize its advantages of huge productivity gains through mobility and instant access to information and standards that ensure interoperability of WLAN equipment. This is expected to drive strong growth in the WLAN security market. "Since WLAN technology is used to transmit sensitive data and the possibility of that data going astray exists, the need for a solution to secure it is expected to continue," remarks the analyst of this research.

While products based upon WLAN security standards are expected to secure a majority of the deployments, they may not be suitable for certain applications or industries that require additional measures. With customers increasingly looking for solutions that extend beyond simply security, the potential for participants that can develop products with more robust feature sets is considerable.

Revenues for the total worldwide wireless LAN security market are expected to continue to grow from US$41.1m (EUR 35.7m) in 2002 to US$278.7m by 2009. This strong increase can be attributed to such factors as continued enterprise WLAN deployments, securing past WLAN deployments, and low price competition. Over the period from 2002 to 2009, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for revenues is expected to be a strong 31.5 per cent.

Many WLANs are being deployed in existing networks that have pre-installed security solutions from incumbent network solutions providers. This poses a considerable competitive threat to the new WLAN security solutions providers. Existing solutions providers have a significant advantage in terms of established relationships with clients; potentially lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and more than adequate security solutions. Forming partnerships with these providers may be the best strategy to gain entry into enterprise deployments. New strategic relationships between vendors are also increasing in the attempt to provide comprehensive packages.

This market research report is a detailed analysis of the global market for WLAN and WLAN security. The scope of the research includes dedicated security appliances, stand-alone WLAN security software, and performance monitoring and intrusion detection systems. It discusses major issues affecting the market such as the possible effects of industry-wide standards and the legislative framework governing wireless LANs.

The market research report "Wireless LAN Security-- An Industry Outlook" offers insights into the business opportunities for Wireless LANs and security market. In addition, the research report reviews the technology landscape, the market segments, the costs involved and the future outlook. This research report is suitable for security product managers at WLAN equipment and WLAN vendor companies, financial/stock analysts covering WLAN-related markets, and management consultants advising on WLAN-related topics.

Report Highlights:

- Key Developments and Driving Forces of Wireless LAN Security Market

- Sales and Demand for WLAN Software, (2000-2004) by products and firms

- Sales and Demand for WLAN hardware, (2000-2004) by products and manufacturers

- Global WLAN Security Market Sales-and-Demand Analysis, by product type and by geographic distribution (North America, Western Europe and Balkan States, Asia and Pacific Countries, and Rest of World)

- Trends Affecting the Market For Wireless LAN Security Solutions

- Technological Trends and Updates in the Wireless LAN Security Market

- New Product Introductions/Developments in the Industry

- Research Analysts View and Prospect for Wireless LAN Security (2005-2008)

- 21 Company profiles of the leading vendors of the Wireless LAN Security Industry

Report Features:

This WLAN Security Market is a data-intensive research report covering worldwide markets and designed to empower the quality conscious executive and serious players of the industry. It is presented in crisp easy-to-use tables, charts, and text formats encompassing all facets. Chapters 2 and 3 will talk about the market overview and trends in world wireless LAN security industry focusing on sales-and-demand for WLAN software and hardware, and end-user demand and deployment of WLAN. Chapter 4 will focus on the technological trends and updates going on in the WLAN security industry. Chapter 5 and 6 discusses the sales-and-demand analysis and geographical distribution of WLAN security products, introduction of various new products, and future outlook (2005-2008) of the wireless LAN Security market. Chapter 7 talks about the leading players of the wireless LAN security market.

Profiles of the following vendors are given:-

- 3Com Corporation

- Agere Systems, Inc.

- Air Defense, Inc.

- Aptilo Networks AB

- Atheros Communications, Inc.

- Bluesocket, Inc.

- Broadcom Corporation

- Cisco Systems, Inc.

- DCM Technologies, Ltd.

- Enterasys Networks, Inc.

- Fortress Technologies

- Funk Software, Inc.

- Global Secure Systems Limited

- Intel Corporation

- Interlink Networks, Inc.

- Intermec Technologies Corporation

- Internet Security Systems, Inc.

- Meetinghouse Data Communications, Inc.

- Nortel Networks Corporation

- RSA Security Inc.

- Symbol Technologies, Inc.

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