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PC Magazine Names Syntax-Brillian's 6501m 720p Gen II LCoS(TM) HDTV Product of the Year
[December 13, 2005]

PC Magazine Names Syntax-Brillian's 6501m 720p Gen II LCoS(TM) HDTV Product of the Year

TEMPE, Ariz. --(Business Wire)-- Dec. 13, 2005 -- "... it has the potential to be the perfect home theater centerpiece."

In its annual ranking of the year's best technology products, PC Magazine has named Syntax-Brillian Corporation's (Nasdaq:BRLCD) (Nasdaq:BRLC) Gen II liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS(TM)) 720p HDTV, Product of the Year in the rear-projection HDTV category.

The 65-inch diagonal 6501m received 4.5 of a possible five stars in the annual ranking of the year's best technology innovations. In the December 27 issue, now on newsstands, the review states: "With a three-panel LCoS(TM) light engine at its heart, the 6501m has great views from most angles and an outstanding contrast ratio. Though it's far from a plug-and-play TV, it has the potential to be the perfect home theater centerpiece."

"We are one of the pioneers and strongest proponents of LCoS(TM) technology for rear-projection HDTV," said Dr. Robert Melcher, Syntax-Brillian Chief Technology Officer. "We began shipping the 720p in February and are extremely pleased with the response of both our distributors and the technology reviewers and industry experts who have had a chance to evaluate its performance relative to other top brands in the RPTV category."

In another recent review of the Syntax-Brillian 6501m, Dr. Raymond Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies Corp. said, "Brillian produces the very finest 720p HDTVs available at any price and these same HDTVs make outstanding large screen living room computer monitors for surfing the web, digital photography, even fine detail work like spread sheets and word processing. It's the Holy Grail of convergence and we've awarded Brillian a special Five-Star DisplayMate Best Video Hardware Award and Trophy for this impressive achievement."

The 6501m HDTV monitor, based on Syntax-Brillian's proprietary Gen II LCoS(TM) microdisplay technology, features a three-megapixel light engine and a contrast ratio of up to 2000:1. The HDTV features exceptional grayscale performance, deep black levels, high brightness, a 170-degree viewing angle, an ultra-fine-pitch 16:9 widescreen, artifact-free full-motion video, outstanding audio performance, and an upgradeable hardware and software architecture, all in a sleek pedestal-mounted design. It also includes free ISF Professional Calibration with each set purchased (1).

For Dealer information contact: Brillian Sales at 800-706-0154.

About Syntax-Brillian

Founded in December 2005, with the merger of Syntax Groups Corp. and Brillian Corp., Syntax-Brillian is one of the world's leading manufacturers of LCD and LCoS(TM) HDTVs and digital entertainment products. With its extremely successful Olevia brand of widescreen HDTV-ready LCD TVs, one of the fastest growing global TV brands, and its highly acclaimed Gen II LCoS(TM) 720p and 1080p rear-projection HDTVs, for the high-end video/audio market, Syntax-Brillian is uniquely positioned to deliver quality digital entertainment products that span from high-end, specialty applications to the fast-growing global mass market. Syntax-Brillian has established retail and distributor sales channels in North America, a global supply chain, and operations in Asia that allow it to leverage economies of scale to deliver both extraordinarily high-quality products and outstanding value. Company information is available at as well as

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