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The SNOCAP Solution: Protecting Copyright Owners, Empowering Retailers and Serving Consumers in the Post-Grokster World
[September 28, 2005]

The SNOCAP Solution: Protecting Copyright Owners, Empowering Retailers and Serving Consumers in the Post-Grokster World

WASHINGTON --(Business Wire)-- Sept. 28, 2005 -- Ali Aydar, Chief Operating Officer of SNOCAP, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee today at its hearing on "Protecting Copyright and Innovation in a Post-Grokster World." Aydar told the committee that SNOCAP's technology, a business-to-business, market-based service which acts as registry and clearinghouse for rights holders, can bridge the gulf between the current digital music marketplace and the unauthorized P2Ps that were the subject of the Grokster litigation.

According to Aydar, the needs of the three key stakeholders in this marketplace are clear. For consumers, "it is not just about free, it is about access: having whatever music you want, whenever and wherever you want it." These fans want "more than the two million tracks currently offered by authorized online sellers, but the over 25 million tracks that can be found on P2Ps." And "artists and rights holders want, and deserve, to be compensated for downloaded music."

"Yet currently, it is difficult if not impossible for each on-line music retailer to strike a deal separately with the hundreds of thousands of artists, labels and songwriters featured on P2P networks," said Aydar. "As a result, consumer choice is limited, the growth of the retail market is stunted, and unauthorized P2Ps do not protect the rights of artists and rights holders."

Aydar believes the SNOCAP service provides a comprehensive, market-based solution to these challenges. "Copyright owners register their content with SNOCAP and set the price and terms of distribution. Retailers can access content through SNOCAP rather than negotiating hundreds or thousands of separate deals. And consumers legally get access to much more music and the benefits of file sharing -- without the adware, spyware, viruses and spoofed files that plague P2Ps today -- in an environment that works for everyone."

Aydar added that he expects consumers will be able to buy music online from a SNOCAP-enabled retailer by early 2006.


Founded in September 2002, SNOCAP, Inc., based in San Francisco, offers record labels, publishers and artists an end-to-end solution for digital licensing and copyright management services. Through SNOCAP, operators of authorized peer-to-peer services and online retailers will have access to the largest possible catalog of authorized content that has historically been available only on unauthorized services. SNOCAP provides digital music technology and services to Universal Music Group, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, EMI, TVT Records, Artemis Records/Sheridan Square Entertainment, Beggars Group, Matador Records, One Little Indian Records, Ryko Group and an extensive roster of other leading independent labels. SNOCAP's easy-to-use service for registering digital content and managing online distribution will enable a more vibrant digital marketplace with better selection and a variety of compelling business models. SNOCAP's database will include current hits, new releases, live recordings, remixes, B-sides and out-of-print tracks culled from major labels, independent and unsigned artists. For more information, visit

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