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Bionopoly Announces USB Flash Drive With Onboard Fingerprint Authentication; Launches New Wave of Biometric Security Devices
[January 05, 2005]

Bionopoly Announces USB Flash Drive With Onboard Fingerprint Authentication; Launches New Wave of Biometric Security Devices

LAS VEGAS --(Business Wire)-- Jan. 5, 2005 -- Bionopoly, the low-cost leader in fingerprint technology, unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show its new design for USB Flash with Onboard Fingerprint Authentication. With no software required, the new device is the most portable fingerprint flash drive yet created. Other new products featuring Bionopoly's embedded design include a Fingerprint USB Authentication Token and a standalone Fingerprint Passcode Generator.

Bionopoly's embedded USB design signifies a quantum leap forward in both usability and security. All fingerprint capture, storage, and matching functions are embedded on the device and therefore OS-independent.


"A biometric USB drive that requires host software largely defeats its purpose -- portability," says Bionopoly CEO Jon Louis. "It is important to make this distinction," he adds, "because early adopters who drive new products will be annoyed by this potential caveat." Current software-driven Fingerprint USB drives include models launched by LEXAR and SONY. "By contrast, Bionopoly's embedded design does not pose a network problem, is 100% portable, and works across all platforms supporting USB devices."


Another significant advantage to Bionopoly's design is its superior security. With its embedded solution, users avoid the threat that a Trojan horse program running on an unfamiliar PC can steal your fingerprint and email it to the world. "With identity theft at an all-time high," says Mr. Louis, "fingerprint acquisition software can create further security risks. Fingerprinting must be embedded and standalone, and this is exactly the problem that Bionopoly solves."


The first-time user plugs the device into the USB port, and then presses a button on the device for initial setup. By swiping a finger multiple times, the user trains the device typically under 60 seconds. The next time a user plugs in the device, a single finger swipe grants read/write access. The owner can add additional users, or erase all users. Bionopoly's patent pending fingerprint enrollment helps maintain high accuracy while keeping false reject rates (FRR) to a minimum.


Bionopoly adds low-cost fingerprint technology to everyday products from padlocks and briefcases to USB Flash Drives and SmartCards. The Company provides both turnkey modules and customized solutions to make products more secure and convenient to use. Bionopoly is a privately held company located in Mountain View, California.

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