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[June 16, 2004]


SVG is an XML based graphics format for delivering graphics and text over multiple platforms, most importantly, for the web, mobile and print. Intended as a focal point for all things SVG, SVGeneral gathers together all the up-to-date SVG news, articles, resources and links from around the world and puts them in one easily accessible place.

'We've had a strong interest in SVG technology from the outset, especially the opportunities SVG offers for real-time text and image manipulation and high-end printing in particular. Inbay has been researching the possibilities offered by SVG and SVGP (for Print) in relation to our current product range under development, said Kristian Wright, Inbay's Managing Director. 'Finding information on SVG (and SVG for Print in particular) outside of the official W3C site has proven time consuming, so we built SVGeneral in response to that need. As interest in the application of SVG increases, we hope that SVGeneral will grow alongside into a vibrant SVG community. We will be adding more content and features over the next few months in response to user feedback'.

Inbay is a dynamic software development company specialising in Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG and SVGP for Print) technology solutions. The Inbay team was responsible for the patented online PDF content manipulation engine (edit2print) widely used in the print services sector today.

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