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A New Start-Up Offers a Telephone Interpretation Service
[September 01, 2004]

A New Start-Up Offers a Telephone Interpretation Service

Vaud, Switzerland, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- From very different professions comes a website,, which offers an innovative service: immediate linguistic assistance to about 100 countries.

A service that prides itself in being accessible to everyone and available 24/7: Philippe Crelerot, administrator and instigator of the project, explained how the service works: "People who would like their conversation translated, only have to use the loud speaker function of their telephone, call Babel800's toll free number, enter their client code and password, chose their interpreter and begin speaking to their correspondent. The interpreter will translate the comments of both speakers. It is also possible to first telephone Babel800 and then call your correspondent by using the conference call or group call function of your telephone. These days both options are available on most telephones and GSMs. The service also works with call waiting. A secretary can place the call to Babel800 and proceed in the same manner."
So it is essential to register online at Babel800, but once registered, the customer does not have to visit the site again. Everything can be done by telephone and is available in about 100 countries, the telephone number is the same from wherever you call. It should be noted that Babel800's fee includes communication costs whether the caller is in the United States or in Japan. The fee is unique and does not vary according to geographic location.
Babel800 sees itself as being very universal: What we want is not only to offer our services to companies who occasionally need a little linguistic help, but also to tourists or parents who are looking to find a welcome family (Au pair, etc) or in many other situations. At the same time, we are allowing hundreds of people to work from home for a fair remuneration. We opened our site on August 1st, 2004 and thus far have recruited over 100 interpreters. Our goal is 2000 interpreters, so we encourage all bilingual candidates to register.
Babel800, an international site like no other: The interface is somber and user friendly; its designers hope that this reflects the seriousness of their intentions. Our objective will be reached once people realize that henceforth it is possible to speak to a Russian mechanic, a manufacturer of barber rugs or even to an orphanage in Romania or in China without a language barrier. Isn't this the primary goal of the World Wide Web, to go beyond borders, and allow everyone limitless access to the world?
One must realize that this service will abolish the linguistic borders of our beautiful blue planet. It brings a second wind to the Internet.
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