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DotComGuy Auction 2.0: eBay Hosts Trademark, Domain Auction
[July 13, 2004]

DotComGuy Auction 2.0: eBay Hosts Trademark, Domain Auction

DALLAS --(Business Wire)-- July 13, 2004 -- The world awoke with enormous response to the DotComGuy(R) auction on March 16, 2004. Media coverage included three of the largest newswires in the world, Reuters, AFP, and the Associated Press. This unexpected coverage was unparalleled for a press release of its kind.

With that start, this unique auction was sure to be a success. The auction was held at, which was hosted by CI Host. Due to forces beyond DotComGuy(R)'s control, CI Host's server went down at the pinnacle of media coverage on March 19. Although attempts were made to work with representatives of CI Host to jump start the media coverage again after the outage, they were uncooperative and unresponsive.

To avoid the possibility of another outage, DotComGuy(R) Auction 2.0 will now take place at eBay. This will, of course, reduce the variety of bids submitted, but it will ensure the auction stays active until its completion. Opening bids will start with the highest cash bid (not inclusive of equity and other offers) from the previous auction, $100,000. There is still a modest reserve and after that it will be winner take all! More detailed information about the auction can be found at In case of another unexpected outage of, please go directly to and search "DotComGuy" to find the auction. The eBay auction begins July 13, 2004 at approximately 5 p.m. CDT.

Name Change

Although DotComGuy(R) initially planned to change his name back to Mitch Maddox in March 2004, the Patriot Act rules and regulations have lengthened the name-changing process. Therefore, DotComGuy(R)'s wife, Anne and DotComGuy(R) himself officially change their names back on Tuesday, July 13, 2004, in the 192nd District court of Dallas County, Texas. Down for 4 Days

If you would like more information about the outage that CI Host customers endured during the original DotComGuy(R) auction, please look for the link at


It was Mitch Maddox's wish that the original auction end in April, so that his father (Dr. William G. Maddox Jr. a.k.a. DotComDad) could have seen it to its conclusion. Unfortunately, he passed away on May 16, the day after the winner of the original auction was to be announced. In honor of him, his support, and status as Mitch's number one fan, Mitch will donate a portion of the auction's proceeds to For the past fourteen years, Mitch's father donated his skills as a dentist to this global organization. His service enabled others to touch the lives of people around the world.

More Information

The auction will be held on and will begin on July 13, 2004. Bidding on the registered trademark and domain name is detailed on

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