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SofTECH and NBMA Among Sponsors of SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004
[July 06, 2004]

SofTECH and NBMA Among Sponsors of SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004

NOVATO, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- July 6, 2004 -- Second Annual Multi-Association Networking Event with Major Business and Technology Groups Set for July 14 in Petaluma; Keynote Speaker Garry Hare on Wireless Communication

Several major business and technology professional groups are joining together to produce the second annual Summer Breakout networking event in the North Bay. This networking celebration takes place on Wed., July 14, from 6 to 9 p.m., at the Petaluma Community Center, 320 North McDowell Boulevard, Petaluma, CA. Kicking off SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004 will be a keynote speech on wireless communication by the CEO of KMOS, Garry Hare, Ph.D.

With more groups still to sign on, the following are the current participating groups:

-- North Bay Multimedia Association (NBMA) -

-- SofTECH, (The North Bay Software and Information Association) -

-- Petaluma Business Leads -

-- Sonoma County Web Developers SIG (SCWD) -

SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004 is a direct response to the sluggish economy and difficult circumstances oppressing Bay Area businesses and associations. Professional groups have long promoted events aimed at bringing together people for contacts and networking. In recent times, however, these events have too often become "fishbowl experiences" for the participants: The same faces showing up all the time, the same group of people all hoping to make new connections to increase their business.

SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004 dramatically mixes up the networking equation. By drawing upon the membership and communities of a diverse group of organizations, SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004 offers professionals in the fields of business, technology, and education the opportunity to connect across boundaries and meet a wide range of new contacts. Last year's event, held at the Hamilton Unity Center in Novato, was a sell-out success, with over 500 participants.

Everyone who depends on connections for their professional survival should attend. You do not need to be a member of any of these organizations. This is networking amplified!

This unique "networking celebration" will be held in the beautiful setting of the Petaluma Community Center. The three-hour event will provide pro-active networking activities, organization showcases, book raffles, and food and drink. Members of the sponsoring organizations are admitted free. General admission is $15. Everyone is urged to bring plenty of business cards!

On the Web:

Keynote Speaker Garry Hare on Wireless Communication

Garry Hare, Ph.D., will kick off SUMMER BREAKOUT 2004 with a keynote speech called "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future."

Bandwidth solutions will soon make it possible to display a full motion picture, even feature film length, on everything from set-top boxes to cell phones. Product marketing is already changing due to the proliferation of Web blogs and other targeted and focused technologies. Program creators and content developers are quickly gaining the ability to directly distribute programming to the consumer. Already the desirable 15 - 25 year old demographic is more likely to access content via computer than television. Other age groups are soon to follow.

All this impacts everything from programming to marketing, from small group communications to the photography hobbyist, from the distribution of specialty information to methods of fund raising for non-profits and political causes.

Garry will discuss the potential effect of broad, wireless communication access on commercial, social, and political issues. The emphasis will be on the impact of technology rather than on the technology itself. That is, non-technical for everyone to understand and be prepared ... for the future!

About the Organizations (Confirmed list)

Since 1992, the North Bay Multimedia Association (NBMA) has been a meeting ground where people from all parts of the media community can exchange ideas, see new work, find business support, and socialize in a productive and friendly atmosphere. Our mission is to spark inspiration, collaboration, and learning among industry professionals, the education community, and business leaders. We provide and facilitate training opportunities, symposiums, and information resources. We promote the use of multimedia tools and on-line learning as a part of the education for tomorrow's work force and entrepreneurs. Our membership includes developers, programmers, artists, film and video producers, writers, instruction technologists, educators, attorneys, tool providers, Web site designers, Internet service providers, and others. No single label describes us all.

SofTECH (the North Bay Software & Technology Association) is a non-profit trade organization committed to fostering communication and cooperation for business and technology professionals in Northern California's Marin and Sonoma counties. Its goal is to identify and showcase technology leaders and support the technology user community. SofTECH develops programs, evangelizes community leaders, and provides meaningful networking opportunities for its members.

Petaluma Business Leads is an association of business owners and entrepreneurs who have created millions of dollars in business leads for its members in nearly eight years of its existence. We are a weekly group that meets to refer business. We are not a social group. We don't sell raffle tickets, raise money, or plan events. We are -- bottom-line -- a group of people whose main purpose is to refer business to its members.

Sonoma County Web Developers (SCWD) is a trade organization formed in 1998 to provide a friendly networking environment for professionals in the Web development industry. Our monthly meetings feature guest speakers whose topics cover the many aspects of Web development, from graphic design, programming, content development and project management, to the business of web development, e-commerce, and the latest software applications and updates.

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