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snom technology AG Launches First Client Side Support For ENUM In The Latest snom200 IP Phone

[February 19, 2004]

snom technology AG Launches First Client Side Support For ENUM In The Latest snom200 IP Phone

snom technology AG, the Berlin based German SIP Phone manufacturer, announced at the Internet Telephony show in Miami that it now supports ENUM a new industry standard for mapping regular phone numbers to IP Phone addresses. This new system will be key to meshing the conventional telephony platform with the new world of IP Telephony.

"ENUM is a milestone in the usability of SIP" says Dr. Stredicke, founder and executive of snom. Using ENUM, we can address people who don't even know how the packets find their destination and if the destination is a traditional phone or a voice over IP-phone. It links the easy-to-remember Email-style addressing with the simple-to-enter PSTN numbering scheme so that in all situations it is as convenient as possible to locate the destination of a call.

Richard Shockey, NeuStar Sr Manager Strategic Technology Initiatives and IETF ENUM WG co-chair remarked, "The SNOM phones are the first real telephones or VoIP software I've seen to flawlessly incorporate ENUM technology (RFC 2916) to translate E.164 telephone phone numbers into SIP URI's and establish a SIP VoIP session. The ENUM resolver in the SNOM product has no demonstrable effect on call setup times that I've been able to detect. In short, it works! "
Mr.Shockey added," With 23 nation states now in the process of ENUM trials and discussions, products like the SNOM will be a key to moving the global ENUM initiative forward."

Alexander Mayrhofer of the Austrian governmental domain registrar and a pioneer for European ENUM "snom seems to be the first who has integrated ENUM lookup into a SIP hard phone that allows routing of SIP calls via common phone numbers from the client side using user specific dial plans. An advantage to this method in contrast to the server side ENUM routing is more transparency to the user: The phone displays the resolved destination URI before placing the call"

Several counties like Austria, Sweden and Korea already put their national numbering plan into ENUM databases. Other countries like Germany are currently trying out ENUM, it is expected that North America and other regions will soon follow (NANPA, snom is participating in the German ENUM trial and can be reached both over PSTN and VoIP with the same number +49.30.39833.0.

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