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Wherify Announces Distribution Agreement with C.A.T.S. Communication
[August 17, 2004]

Wherify Announces Distribution Agreement with C.A.T.S. Communication

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Aug. 17, 2004 -- Primary Distribution Channels of Wherify GPS Locator Products Will Be Through Direct Marketing Campaigns, with a Focus on Television Infomercials

Wherify Wireless, Inc., the world's leading developer of wireless location products and services based on the company's pioneering back-end location service platform, today announced that C.A.T.S. Communication of Los Angeles has signed a distribution agreement with Wherify that calls for the purchase of one million next-generation Wherify Aided-GPS Locator units over three years. Initial product shipments are slated for Fourth Quarter of this year. Wherify, which has entered into a definitive agreement and plan of merger with IQ Biometrix, Inc. (OTCBB:IQBM) of Fremont, Calif., says that C.A.T.S. Communication plans to distribute Wherify products primarily through direct marketing sales channels, in particular television infomercials and at shopping malls.

"We are excited to announce an agreement of this magnitude for both Wherify and C.A.T.S. Communication," said Timothy Neher, President and CEO of Wherify Wireless. "It marks us meeting a significant objective in our efforts to sign strategic distribution deals to promote and sell our innovative GPS Location products."

Neher added that C.A.T.S. Communication's unique approach to sales and marketing makes this agreement a wise decision for both companies. "C.A.T.S. truly realizes the benefits of marketing and selling such a unique safety and security technology for children, adults, elderly and many others," he said.

While C.A.T.S. Communication's purchase of GPS Locator units is not guaranteed, they forfeit infomercial market exclusivity should they not meet the minimum-purchasing requirements as outlined in the agreement with Wherify.

According to Russ McCullough, President and CEO of C.A.T.S. Communication, the Los Angeles-based company was established with the primary purpose of distributing personal security and safety products to parents and kids.

"We plan on educating parents as to the effectiveness of Wherify GPS locator products and services," said Russ McCullough, president and CEO of C.A.T.S. Communication. "We are a proud sponsor of the Wherify GPS product line and excited at the opportunity to grow our business in an ever expanding personal safety and security market."

In addition to direct marketing programs, C.A.T.S. Communication is securing retail space at mall locations to provide customers with a consultative environment to fully explain the peace of mind and other benefits GPS Location products can provide.

C.A.T.S. Communication will market and sell Wherify's next generation Aided-GPS (A-GPS) Locator technology which is geared towards consumers, government agencies, and businesses looking for a unique personal safety and security device that can be used to identify the location of people, within feet, through the Internet or any phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wherify's next-generation A-GPS products incorporate such features as a voice speakerphone, one-touch programmable buttons with direct dial to a family member, co-worker, or other important contact, and 911 in the event of an emergency. The voice speakerphone adds an extra layer of safety and security for the person using a Wherify A-GPS product and is planned as a standard feature in future Wherify personal location devices which will come in a variety of form-factors from handheld devices with unique designs, to GPS Locators about the size of a matchbox.

About Wherify Wireless

Wherify Wireless, Inc. is a privately-held developer of patented wireless location products and services for child safety, parental supervision, personal protection, Alzheimer and memory loss, supervision, law enforcement, security, animal identification, and property asset tracking. The company's proprietary integration of the U.S. government's global positioning system (GPS), Wherify patented back-end location service engine, and wireless communication technologies will enable customers to obtain real-time location information on individuals and property directly through the Internet or any phone. Founded in March 1998, Wherify Wireless is located in Redwood Shores, Calif. For more information, or to purchase Wherify products, visit the company's website at

About IQ Biometrix

IQ Biometrix, Inc. provides law enforcement and security technology solutions to law enforcement and other government agencies and to private industry. IQ Biometrix, an innovative California-based company is a provider of FACES(TM), facial composite technology for law enforcement agencies in North America. Additional information about IQ Biometrix, Inc. can be found at

About C.A.T.S. Communication

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., C.A.T.S Communication was founded for the purpose of distributing personal security and safety products through direct marketing campaigns with a primary focus on infomercials. In addition to direct marketing programs, C.A.T.S Communication has begun to secure retail space at mall locations in order to provide customers with a consultative sales environment.

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