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Italtel Announces It Is Second Largest Worldwide Softswitch Vendor

[October 14, 2003]

Italtel Announces It Is Second Largest Worldwide Softswitch Vendor

Italtel, an international player in network solutions for voice/data/video integration, is participating in the 9th edition of ITU Telecom 2003 holding the title of second largest next generation softswitch vendor worldwide, with an overall DS0 market share of 21 percent for 2002 through 1H03, according to estimates by the American analysis company Infonetics Research in its Q2 2003 report. It is, without a doubt, a prestigious result of the effective, strategic mission and core business repositioning process begun by Italtel during the last years.

Over the last years - explains Roberto Quarta, Italtel Chairman and CEO - we have made a decisive turnaround by refocusing our core competence on one of the most innovative sectors in TLC, as well as through the development of other areas of business, such as professional network services, maintaining our attention to research and innovation, on which we continue to invest heavily.”

In 2002 alone, overall investments in the area exceeded 109 million Euro, with earnings of over 15%, which, together with the over 1,300 dedicated experts, makes Italtel one of the best European centres. The company is destined to grow - points out Roberto Quarta - because we are truly able to optimise on an overall offer in terms of innovative services and company performance that worldwide players in the ICT sector find difficult to match.”

The numerous competitive advantages have thus allowed Italtel to handle the crisis that has hit the sector over the last two years more effectively than its competitors and, at the same time, to present itself with a domestic leadership on international markets that - by way of example - transformed Telecom Italia, the sixth largest telecommunications operator in the world, into the first operator equipped with a national VoIP (Voice over IP) infrastructure for transit voice/data traffic and a pan-European IP backbone.

But that's not all: Italtel's iMSS solutions, together with Cisco Systems apparatus and enormous expertise in terms of system integration and professional services - have been quietly selected and adopted by a group of important operators that include H3G, Albacom, Fastweb, Atlanet, TIM, Wind, Auna,, Vodafone, Mobifon, Americatel, EEPPM Medellin, Procono, Telecom Argentina and Tim do Brasil, making it the central element for infrastructure development, increasingly projected towards Next Generation Networks. A string of successes which, again, according to Infonetics Research, resulted in Italtel's 2002 21% share of worldwide DS0 sold in the next gen softswitch segment

Reinforced by the technological and commercial partnership with Cisco Systems and by its widespread presence in fifteen countries, the company is now aiming at consolidating its presence and expertise, especially with respect to markets of the old continent - particularly in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe - which are expected to have the highest levels of growth in the medium-term, not only as a result of the recovery in investments by Carriers and Service Providers.

Competition on the ICT market will also originate from large Corporations working to modernise their network solutions and one Public Administration that is increasingly set on developing broadband as a launch pad for the development of its e-government programs.

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