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If It's Tuesday, Press the `Send' Button -- so Says EmailLabs' First Delivery Trends Report

[December 17, 2003]

If It's Tuesday, Press the `Send' Button -- so Says EmailLabs' First Delivery Trends Report

For Corporate America, Tuesday is "E" day -- the most popular day for companies to send emails, with Wednesday the top day for recipients to open emails. So concludes the first Delivery Trends Report from EmailLabs, a leading provider of email marketing automation solutions. The new quarterly report will focus on email relevance and deliverability issues for email marketers.

In a second major finding, email recipients are tending not to "unsubscribe" from emails, according to the report, which shows a steady decline in unsubscribe rates since January. Rather than officially unsubscribing, recipients are now more likely to simply delete unwanted emails. Accordingly, many email marketers are now eliminating names of subscribers who do not open a specified number of emails in a row, or are asking those subscribers to re-opt in.

For the second consecutive quarter, Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to send email messages (25.4 percent), followed by Wednesday at 23.3 percent and Thursday at 18.3 percent. Bringing up the rear are Saturday at 0.9 percent and Sunday at 1.4 percent. While there are some minor differences among the first three quarters of 2003, the general trends remain the same:

-- More than two-thirds of all messages are sent Tuesday through Thursday

-- Less than 3 percent of all messages are sent on the weekend

-- Monday and Friday consistently comprise between 25-30 percent of emails sent

In Q3, the combined average unsubscribe rate for HTML and text messages was 0.17 percent, a decline from .19 percent in Q2 and .29 percent in Q1 2003. Text messages were unsubscribed at a slightly higher rate than HTML in Q3 and Q2 at 0.22 percent, though nearly even with HTML messages in Q1 at .28 percent.

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