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Zendure Unveils an All-in-One Energy Solution AIO 2400 for a Sustainable Future
[February 29, 2024]

Zendure Unveils an All-in-One Energy Solution AIO 2400 for a Sustainable Future

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- A fast-growing EnergyTech start-up Zendure unveils the latest product line, the AIO 2400. This all-in-one energy solution consists of a PVHub, microinverter, battery, and software for beginners seeking a sustainable lifestyle without the need for professional installation. The AIO 2400 empowers users to harness the power of renewable energy and manage their energy consumption.

Rising Energy Prices and the Shift to Sustainable Options

Rising energy costs are driving increased interest in sustainable options like balcony power stations here [1]. In response to this trend, Germany is proposing an increase in permitted wattage from the previous 600W to 800W, aligning with European RFG standards [2].

Zendure's AIO 2400 revolutionizes energy efficiency with its plug-and-play storage system. This quick-installed innovation enhances real-time self-consumption thanks to its dual MPPT and 1,560W solar capability, potentially saving up to 642 euros annually with a 1500W PV and 800W microinverter. The AIO 2400 features an intelligent app with MPPT monitoring and hidden cables for sleek integration into any setting. Delivering 800W and compliant with legal standards, its 2.4 kWh capacity efficiently stores solar energy for use at night. It operates down to -20°C, ensuring flexibility for outdoor installations.

AIO 2400 - User-Friendly, Efficient, and Sustainable Energy Management

The AIO 2400 can be supplemented with Shelly CT or an intelligent plug for smart power adjustment, which enhances the ZEN+ Home energy hub. With 1W automatic power regulation, AIO 2400 offers an adjustable output rate from 0W to 1200W, precisely controlled in 1W increments when above 100W and in 30W increments between 31W-99W. AIO 2400 battery offers 4000 cycles up to 80% and 8000 cycles up to 70% capacity. Guaranteed by a 10-year warranty, the AIO 2400 makes it a choice for those new to sustainable energy solutions.

The AIO 2400 will be available from 9 AM 29 February 2024(GMT+1) at a price of 1,343.00 euros(0% VAT), limited to 300 sets.

About Zendure

Founded in 2017, Zendure is one of the fastest-growing EnergyTech start-ups located in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, USA, and the Greater Bay Area, China, Japan, and Germany. Its mission is to deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide by popularizing the latest EnergyTech.



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