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Wiliot Previews the Possibilities for 5G Advanced with the World's-First Ambient IoT Visibility Platform at MWC Las Vegas 2023
[September 26, 2023]

Wiliot Previews the Possibilities for 5G Advanced with the World's-First Ambient IoT Visibility Platform at MWC Las Vegas 2023

The award-winning platform now includes real-time humidity sensing – along with temperature and location sensing and carbon emissions measurement – for unprecedented visibility into supply chains for the world's largest companies and their telecommunications providers.

The ambient IoT is forecast to scale from 100+ million units in 2023 to billions in 2026 and represents the biggest disruption in telecommunications since the smartphone.

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose ambient IoT Visibility Platform is enabling trillions of "things" to gain intelligence, today announced that it is debuting to the mobile market, at MWC Las Vegas 2023, an enhanced version of its Wiliot Cloud and IoT Pixels. The new platform now includes the breakthrough ability to sense and analyze humidity levels of individual products – and cases of products – in real-time, throughout the supply chain.

By adding humidity sensing to the company's Visibility Platform—on top of Wiliot's existing temperature and location sensing and carbon emissions measurement—Wiliot has made it possible for companies to better ensure the safety, integrity, freshness, and sustainability of moisture-sensitive products – end-to-end and at unprecedented scale. Previously, item and case-level sensing for consumable products over carrier networks has not been possible at scale.

The Wiliot Visibility Platform marks the earliest example of ambient IoT at scale, combining Wiliot's revolutionary, self-powered IoT Pixels and Wiliot Cloud-based analytics to create unparalleled visibility into supply chains, distribution, retail operations, and much more. This capability is set to revolutionize the telecommunications industry when it becomes standardized in 5G Advanced and 6G.

"The ambient IoT represents the mobile market's biggest disruption since the smartphone," stated Alon Yehezkely, CTO at Wiliot. "Over 100-million ambient IoT devices came online in 2023, and the market is predicted to grow to billions of devices by 2026. This breakneck adoption and exponential scale are indicative of only the types of technologies that disrupt industries and change the world – and no market is better suited to capitalize on this than mobile and telecommunications."

Wiliot is a member of 3GPP and participant in 5G and 6G working groups. Leveraging its unique experience pioneering the technology, Wiliot has contributed alongside the giants of the industry to defining the requirements of ambient IoT in emerging applications.

Its inclusion in 5G Advanced and 6G opens the door for wireless carriers and others to deliver interoperable services that will connect billions of wirelessdevices to trillions of ambient IoT-enabled products, packages, places, food items, plants, livestock, clothes, pharmaceuticals, and more. As such, the ambient IoT represents a lucrative source of SaaS and recurring revenue streams in return for the value that carriers can add to managing networks with trillions of connected devices.

Already, some of the world's largest companies are adopting Wiliot's platform and deploying large numbers of IoT Pixels across their supply chains for real-time visibility into everything from distribution to inventory management, to sales. Wiliot's IoT Pixels attach to any product or packaging and connect to the internet through telecommunications networking devices. They include all the compute power, secure communications, and sensor technology needed to create the ambient IoT, yet cost just pennies per device. New use cases include tracking the temperature and fill-level of individual vaccine vials and the individual temperature of crates of produce end-to end on their way to stores.

With this latest launch, Wiliot engineers have now introduced to IoT Pixels a tiny membrane that detects humidity in the air. When IoT Pixels are exposed to different humidity levels, the information is relayed wirelessly to the Wiliot Cloud – where it's combined with temperature and location data to generate insights and analysis that can better inform supply chain operations.

With this humidity data and insights, produce can stay fresher longer, reducing the amount wasted due to rot and spoil; medicines, which must be stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels, stay safe; and vaccines, which require precise handling and environmental conditions to deliver their intended health benefits, remain effective. 

"The ambient IoT scales the Internet of Things from billions to trillions of connected products to help the world's largest companies – and their mobile and telecommunications providers – solve their most pressing challenges," concluded Yehezkely. "MWC Las Vegas represents an important opportunity for Wiliot and the ambient IoT ecosystem to help prepare the mobile market for this disruption and communicate strategies for effective, scalable, and profitable adoption."

At MWC Las Vegas 2023, Wiliot will explore the massive market potential of the ambient IoT and its learnings so far in a presentation delivered with PwC titled, "5G Advanced - Ambient IoT: The Biggest Disruption Since the Smartphone."

In addition to its presentation, Wiliot will demonstrate its Visibility Platform on the show floor in the Exhibit Hall Booth #1422.

Wiliot is backed by many of the telecommunication industry's leading players, including Verizon, NTT Docomo, Samsung, Softbank's Vision Fund 2, and Qualcomm.

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About Wiliot:

Wiliot is an ambient IoT data carrier platform company. Our Visibility Platform connects the digital and physical worlds using IoT Pixels, battery-free smart tags that push data to the cloud in real-time without human intervention. Our platform exists within a fast-growing ambient IoT ecosystem. We have partners in that ecosystem that provide applications, tags, and edge devices.

Ambient IoT is an evolution of legacy IoT and RFID technologies with lower costs, end-to-end privacy and security, and the addition of new intelligence and sensing capabilities. It's on a path to scaling to trillions thanks to telecommunications standards – Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, and 802.11 AMP.

Our mission is to make every single thing an agent of change, enabling ambient IoT by adding intelligence and automation to food, apparel, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

Connecting new categories of things through AI and the internet is transforming manufacturing, distribution, and product use to deliver on our vision: a minimum waste, full trust, perfectly timed world where people, profits, and the planet are aligned.

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