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STMicroelectronics Announces Single-Chip Solution for WiFi Telephony
[February 09, 2006]

STMicroelectronics Announces Single-Chip Solution for WiFi Telephony

TMCnet IP Communications Columnist
STMicroelectronics has rolled out volume production of its new STLC4370 Mobile WLAN solution for WiFi Telephony. The new solution is the first of a family of single-chip devices designed for cellular handsets and featuring low-power consumption. The solution has already been designed into several Wi-Fi Telephony handsets.

The new solution offers a high-speed power efficient IEEE802.11g performance without compromising battery life. The compact reference design of the STLC4370 has enabled easy integration with multiple form-factor mobile phones including candy bar, compact PDA and fold-open keyboard designs. It features a fully integrated single-chip WLAN with a Zero Intermediate Frequency (ZIF) transceiver. It also features an RF Synthesizer/VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator), high-speed data converters, an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing/Complementary Code Keying OFDM/CCK digital baseband processor, an ARM9-based Media Access Controller (MAC) and a power management unit with integrated power amplifier bias control.

The STLC4370 also offers support for 802.11e quality of service. ST plans to expand its STLC4XXX family of single-chip devices this year with an 802.11b/g and a dual-band 802.11a/b/g solution. The family maintains data protection using integrated security features that take advantage of 802.11i and WiFi Protected Access (WPA) features.
The STLC4XXX family supports system reference-clock frequencies of 19.2, 38.4, and 40MHz. The products are ideal for integration into cellular phones and can also benefit additional applications including PDAs, handheld data transfer devices, and digital cameras. ST also provides a full suite of Linux drivers for non-cellular devices, which offer rapid development of tablet or multimedia platforms.
“Whether it’s a cellular phone that plays music or an MP3 player and camera phone, the lines between handset and consumer device are blurring,” said Matthew Hatch, general manager of ST’s Wireless LAN Business Unit. “Subscribers are demanding the choice of fast download of their own music collection over IEEE802.11g WLAN or access to the latest online music over the cellular network.”
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