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VirtualCons, the App that Brings Experiences to Fans, Partners with Product Engineering Company Augusta HiTech to Launch Revolutionary NFTs and Block Chain Technology That Will Disrupt the Entertainment Industry
[June 21, 2021]

VirtualCons, the App that Brings Experiences to Fans, Partners with Product Engineering Company Augusta HiTech to Launch Revolutionary NFTs and Block Chain Technology That Will Disrupt the Entertainment Industry

PROVIDENCE, R.I., June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- VirtualCons, the free downloadable app, is partnering with product engineering company Augusta HiTech to authenticate, auction off and sell celebrity items that live on the blockchain for fans to have access to during its Phase 2 Development. 

VirtualCons, which has been responsible for bringing excitement to fans from their app to events, is now providing a safe blockchain marketplace for celebrities to provide fans with the opportunity to buy authentic collection pieces. VirtualCons is working alongside Emmy Award-winning actor Armand Assante who will provide full length movies, documentaries and independent films.

"I came on as Chairman of the Board with VirtualCons to give other actors and film makers the opportunity to showcase their work on a secure blockchain, our very own blockchain. Our company is a leader in the industry, and I am so excited to share this with the world."  Armand Assante 

"Many artists have been taken advantage of by big companies that feel they deserve the lion share derived from their work. VirtualCons has changed the game and now artists will get what they deserve." Ice-T 

"I am so excited to announce our newest technology to our app, NFT and Blockchain. We are about to change the industry again. Phase 2 is going to be an exciting time for all our members. We have revolutionized how our members interact on the app – Coming soon, members will be able to create their own profile, add photos and video, and message other members. Celebrities and influencers will have their own page where they can list all of the services they provide. We will have a pay per view option to watch exclusive content which they will be able to view on the app, on the web and on their tv screens. Members will be able to purchase authenticated memorabilia and autographs on our NFT and block chain technology and never have to worry if it's real. Lastly, members will have access to events including global events that will knock their socks off. It is an exciting time for VirtualCons and we are excited about he future. Michael Mota, CEO of VirtualCons

An NFT is a non-fungible token, or a unique and irreplaceable representation of a digital or physical object. An NFT represents ownership of this unique asset and is stored on a centralized blockchain as unmodifiable "proof" of who the owner is. VirtualCons brought on August HiTech to bring forth their innovative software product services to build the NFT and Blockchain platform. Their goal is to offer unique digital and physical assets to their customers in a safe and easy-to-purchase environment. Customer experience is at the forefront of everyone's priority with safe and accurate transactions. Augusta's unique non-fungible assets will be store in an enterprise Hyperledger Blockchain. Fans can purchase unique assets with digital currencies including credit cards and store the assets in their VirtualCons Vault. 

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About 3fams Productions: 
3fams Productions began in January of 2019 when three 'Sopranos' super fans from different states connected on social media, met up, and decided to form a company together. What started out as a dream imagined by co-founder Joseph Fama and his wife, Gina, evolved into a global phenomenon when Fama and meme master Daniel Trader teamed up with entrepreneur Michael Mota to launch SopranosCon. After a successful SopranosCon, the trio launched 3fams Productions, in partnership with Federico Castelluccio (Furio Giunta in The Sopranos), to reach even more fans with a variety of interests, including MobMovieCon, BoxingCon, Don't Stop! The SopranosCon Story documentary, and the new VirtualCons app. For more information, please visit

About Augusta HiTech: 
Augusta Hitech is a global custom product engineering company that delivers enterprise-level strategy, innovation, professional services, and software product engineering services. Founded in 2009 and located in Boca Raton, Florida, the company has a global presence supporting clients in industries such as healthcare, travel and hospitality, retail and financial services, among others. With its mission being to redefine customers' journey to success, Augusta Hitech attempts to understand its customer's core business and applies emerging technologies to expand the customer's potential. Augusta Hitech also creates socially responsible products to positively impact the world.

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