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Synoptek Commissions Research Study on How Technology Acts as a Strategic Differentiator in Overall Business Outcomes
[January 18, 2022]

Synoptek Commissions Research Study on How Technology Acts as a Strategic Differentiator in Overall Business Outcomes

Synoptek, a leading consulting and technology services provider, announced plans to commission a technology benchmark study to determine the business results and ROI achieved by organizations that aggressively invest in transforming or evolving their business by leveraging technology. By participating in this study, organizations will contribute to a body of data that provides insights regarding technology adoption and its impact on their short- and long-term business results. Synoptek has made the decision to conduct this survey annually as a way to help participating companies track their capabilities and progress over time and provide deeper insights around meaningful technology adoption to organizations looking to leverage tech as a growth accelerator.

"Technology is critical to the success of nearly any business, yet there is no blueprint that incorporates the entire organizational tech stack to ensure it all runs optimally together and is well-integrated to meet company goals," said Synoptek chief executive officer, Tim Britt. "The idea behind this study came from that need for a holistic view of the results our customers are achieving from the innovative use of technology. Ultimately, this is a way of holding our own organization accountable. We expect Synoptek customers to outperform the market by leveraging technology. If this is not the case, we want to know that."

By the end of the study, Synoptek will have collected enough information to create a detailed report with the following findings:

  • Results achieved by leaders in adopting technology.
  • The key technological investments most closely correlated with accelerating growth.
  • Data-driven insight regarding the technology changes, investments and adaptations necessary to achieve key objectives.
  • The shared characteristics of leading enterprises directly associated with superior outcomes.

"Our study will be beneficial to participaing companies for a variety of reasons, including a free assessment and overall evaluation of their organization; a birds-eye view of how their technologies are performing with one another; how that translates to overall, tangible business results and much more," said Bo Bray, vice president of IT service management operations and client advisory at Synoptek. "We look forward to continuing to commission this study on an annual basis which will also create an opportunity for participants to observe measurable findings around their technology investments year-over-year. The most beneficial business decisions are based on actual data insights, which will be provided through this benchmark evaluation."

The invitation-only survey will be extended to select customers and non-customers through January 2022 with the goal of defining strategic technology differentiators that contribute to an organization's overall success. Participants can expect to spend about 30 minutes on the online survey portion of the study with a few select participants having an opportunity to provide additional feedback via a 45-minute virtual interview. Synoptek's goal is to achieve a sample size of 200. To be selected, a company must be based in North America; serve within the manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, software or professional service sectors; and have participation from a C-suite executive or key decision-maker. Participants will be compensated for their time and insights. Synoptek will also share the results and recommendations from the report to the participating companies once the study concludes.

"I am confident that the findings from this survey will grow more valuable to participants year-over-year," continued Britt. "Overall, this is a remarkable opportunity to find kinks in your systems you weren't looking for, effectively measure the ROI for your technology investments and ensure that your business goals and tech vision are aligned and creating the best possible business outcomes. This also gives us a benchmark to compare future organizations."

About Synoptek: Synoptek is a business and technology consulting firm that helps companies envision, transform and evolve. As a global systems integrator and managed technology services provider, Synoptek partners with organizations worldwide to help them navigate the ever-changing technology landscape and build solid foundations for their business. With its comprehensive offerings, global workforce and strategic technology partnerships, Synoptek helps organizations grow their business while optimizing and protecting their ecosystem. With growth, ownership, inclusivity and philanthropy embedded in its DNA, Synoptek is committed to delivering improved business results and unmatched service to all its stakeholders. Discover more at, or connect with Synoptek on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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