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Simplifi Selects CyberProtonics for Work From Home Advanced Cybersecurity - Immediately Renders Hacked Data Unusable, Delivers First WFH Quantum Readiness
[March 04, 2024]

Simplifi Selects CyberProtonics for Work From Home Advanced Cybersecurity - Immediately Renders Hacked Data Unusable, Delivers First WFH Quantum Readiness

CyberProtonics, trailblazers in quantum-resistant data protection, has been tapped by Simplifi, a leader in work-from-home (WFH) networking infrastructure, to embed its lightweight, legacy-friendly software-based cryptosystem into Simplifi's newest router, Connect 3.

The move is the important first step in bringing unparalleled quantum-resistant encryption to millions of hybrid workforce employees who currently use unsecured home routers to handle sensitive and proprietary information. CyberProtonics' technology easily integrates with current security solutions, adding an indispensable layer of encryption that can render stolen data useless if a breach should occur.

CyberProtonics also introduced its world-class, lightweight, legacy friendly encryption today. For more details, see today's press release (link).

Simplifi's business enablement platform is a perennial best-seller for WFH and provides advanced connectivity and communication tools that combine cellular connectivity with enterprise-grade cloud software.

Simplifi CEO Nick Shevillo said: "Many of our cellular carrier partners, government agencies, and Fortune 100 companies are interested in our new Connect 3 fixed wireless router for WFH employees. Embedded with CyberProtonics' quantum-resistant cryptosystem, our products provide next-level gateway security for all network traffic at the router."

CyberProtonics' protection of data at rest and in transit is delivered at blisteringly fast lag-free speeds. It is lightweight - adding no operational overhead burdens, a marked contrast to other known public encryption approaches - and is legacy-friendly, allowing easy integration into today's and tomorrow's cybersecurity, networking, IoT/IIoT, and other digital systems.

"This technology is a huge opportunity for organizations needing security for employees working from home where in-home IoT devices that are not inherently secure allow hackers an entry point with potentially catastrophic access to private company information and customer data," Shevillo said.

"Attackers are becoming more aggressive in their efforts to steal data. CyberProtonics is bringing to market a practical data security solution that is designed for today and tomorrow. The most important aspect of cybersecurity is dat protection, and the best way to achieve that is with encryption," according to Charles Kolodgy, Principal at Security Mindsets.

"It is imperative that data be protected wherever it exists. Ensuring that data is protected wherever it resides is critical, including data residing with work from home and hybrid workplace employees. Ensuring they are provided with usable and effective encryption, without performance impacts, will protect against disruptions and maintain compliance with data protection requirements. CyberProtonics' ability to maintain data protection into the future means we will be hearing more about their capabilities and accomplishments," Kolodgy said.

A New Era in Data Protection:

Simplifi's Connect Wireless Routers will deliver unprecedented data protection, including:

Strength: Post-quantum symmetric key-based encryption, with 512 bits, increasing up to 10k bits of encryption strength.

Speed: Lightning-fast operation does not affect a device's computing or memory cycles, even for the smallest sensor or IoT device.

Size: The lightweight footprint of CyberProtonics' cryptosystem's binary runtime enables end-to-end encryption at the data generation source, with single-digit MB of code.

Security: Encryption of data in transit and at rest for both on-premises legacy systems and modern secure access service edge.

Breach Immunity: Valuable data is made useless.

CyberProtonics CEO and Founder Greg Welch said: "We are honored to be selected by this market leader and to join Simplifi, their resellers and integrators in their all-important mission to deliver next-generation solutions that ensure that sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands."

About Simplifi

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, with a development office in Vietnam, Simplifi is a business enablement platform committed to unwiring the future one customer at a time. We provide advanced connectivity and communication tools that businesses need to operate, and as our name suggests, we make hardware and software simple to install and use!

Simplifi combines cellular connectivity with enterprise-grade cloud software to deliver easy-to-use tools and interfaces that meet any business's needs. Our products empower businesses with 4G/5G fixed wireless Internet, POTS line replacement, and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions; all managed through one platform.

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About CyberProtonics

CyberProtonics is at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering the fastest, most robust quantum-resistant, software-based cryptosystem available. We render data useless to malicious actors with end-to-end encryption that is easy to adopt and effortlessly integrate into your existing systems. Ideal for a wide range of diverse applications from IoT to complex databases, our powerful cryptosystem safeguards information in transit and at rest without compromising on speed or performance. From today's malicious ransomware to tomorrow's quantum computing, hackers are completely disarmed with CyberProtonics.

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