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Scattersensing from MicroSolved Inc. is Quick Infrastructure Security Solution to Insider Threat
[March 12, 2009]

Scattersensing from MicroSolved Inc. is Quick Infrastructure Security Solution to Insider Threat

Mar 12, 2009 (EWORLDWIRE via Comtex) -- Companies have long struggled with the challenge of securing their infrastructure from insider threats without alienating employees and IT administrators. MicroSolved Inc., a leading provider of security assessments and penetration testing, recently released an inexpensive and easy process to help combat insider threats.

Using an innovative approach called, "Scattersensing," an organization can detect overt insider threats like scanning, malware probes, bot-net activity and anyone looking around the environment. "Since the services that are being offered by the HPPE deployment aren't real, there is absolutely no reason you should see any activity at all," says Brent Huston, CEO and Security Visionary of MicroSolved Inc. "Any activity you do see should be treated as suspicious at best and malicious at worst. Investigate any activity you see, period. Using this method will only cost a user $130 per scattersensor, if you have some older laptops lying around. Very affordable for the risks avoided." To enable the approach, one would need an older laptop or desktop system with a CD-ROM, and a network card. Together with an OS such as Puppy Linux and MicroSolved's HoneyPoint Personal Edition, the user can then deploy the program and monitor if any activity is captured. The revolutionary software, HoneyPoint Personal Edition, serves up "fake" services on systems, so no real services are being compromised. The "fake" services lie in wait for attackers and malware to probe them. When someone, or something, does interact with the service, all transactions are recorded, including their source IP address and timeline. Users are then alerted to the activity and can take defensive actions as needed.

Huston developed HoneyPoint Security Server three years ago, motivated by a keen desire to break the attacker cycle. HoneyPoint Personal Edition places the software in the hands of both end users and IT personnel. The strategy is simple, yet powerfully effective.

"Using scattersensors will enable you to move them easily from network segment to network segment on a semi-random schedule," Huston says. "It's a great way to easily and cheaply, get security visibility in a powerful and evolutionary way." Learn more about the MicroSolved Inc. solutions at ''.


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