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RCS launches ground-breaking recruiting assessment platform TekkerMatch
[November 22, 2022]

RCS launches ground-breaking recruiting assessment platform TekkerMatch

TORONTO, Nov. 22, 2022 /CNW/ - Toronto-based Professional Service Company, Resilience Corporate Services (RCS), announced a new product offering called "" which is specifically designed to help companies optimize their technology staffing processes and reduce operational costs. 

"TekkerMatch revolutionizes the technology recruitment space by allowing companies to gain real insights about candidates with less time and cost invested", said Derek Wiggins, President of TekkerMatch. "You can now build teams accurately based on fundamental skills and expertise, verified through the TekkerMatch platform", Wiggins said in a response addressing what he called "gaps" in current recruitment processes that have the effect of incentivizing employee churn to higher-paying positions after only one or two years in a company. 

Inflation, remote work, changes in globalization, and fluctuations in the overall business climate, are challenges the technology sector is currently facing.  This has led large technology companies to lay off staff and is expected to produce increased job demand that could help smaller and local technology companies. However, as more candidates are in search of new positions, employers are faced with increased difficulty in processing applications and finding he best candidate.

"TekkerMatch is a game changer for identifying and verifying the right talent for technology teams", said Nicole Lester, CEO of RCS. "The job market is bursting with talent, but anyone can profess to be a tech genius or coding mastermind on their profile or resume. So how do you identify if a candidate can be a productive long-term part of your company? TekkerMatch allows you to hone in on candidates' skills, experience, and social intelligence through customized online assessments and exams highlighting critical factors that will help you to know who you will be working with."

TekkerMatch enables standard and customized skill assessments that integrate into the current hiring process for companies of all sizes.  Skill assessments can be designed for the specific technology stack in use for a given position. That can even include assessments that highlight learning aptitude versus experience for newer technologies that do not have wide adoption in the market.  Innovation companies often have internal technology that is not available to the public. TekkerMatch allows you to better assess how well a candidate's aptitudes fit the challenges of working with your proprietary technology.

TekkerMatch also integrates with a new offering to enable decentralized endorsement and credibility verification from partner company,  This allows a customer's trusted network to weigh in on specific questions being asked and response evaluations. 

The combination of services from RCS and subscription to the TekkerMatch product offers a new path to staffing for innovation companies that will challenge the status quo recruiting business and produce stronger tech teams that better position companies for higher productivity.

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About Resilience Corporate Services (RCS)

RCS offers a complete set of technology and business operational services.  RCS specializes in building teams and technology for net-new functionality in innovation companies, and providing all business services needed to support cutting-edge technology product offerings such as bookkeeping, HR, and corporate services.  RCS' technology network includes top experts in the most demanding areas of technology, including AI, Machine Learning, Ethereum, Web3, Web/Mobile, and Enterprise Applications. 

About (CTIO) is a Toronto-based Web3 company providing technology development services and support for the Ethereum ecosystem.  CTIO's core product is a Smart Contract platform for corporate enterprise enabling governance and treasury services for data-as-an-asset, corporate governance, and physical assets. 

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