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PublicSq. Values-Aligned Marketplace Announces Growth Milestone; Adds Nearly 300,000 New Consumer Members in a Single Week, Bringing Total to More Than One Million
[June 01, 2023]

PublicSq. Values-Aligned Marketplace Announces Growth Milestone; Adds Nearly 300,000 New Consumer Members in a Single Week, Bringing Total to More Than One Million

PSQ Holdings, Inc. ("PublicSq."), a leading marketplace of patriotic businesses and consumers, today announced that its consumer member base increased by over 300,000 from May 23, 2023, to the end of May. PublicSq.'s consumer membership grew by more than 40% in a single week, fast-tracking the platform to more than one million consumer members in less than 11 months since its nationwide launch on July 4th, 2022.

The rise in the platform's consumer membership propelled PublicSq. to the #2 shopping app and the #3 free app in Apple's App Store last week, ranking above other shopping apps such as Shopify, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

The surge came at a time when major retailers, including Target, continue to confront public backlash over agendas viewed by many consumers to be overly progressive and highly politicized. PublicSq.'s rapid growth demonstrates strong demand from consumers for a way to shop and support businesses that align with their values. PublicSq. also continues to experience strong growth in businesses joining its platform, with the number of companies signing up for the platform now more than 50,000 strong.

"We are thrilled to celebrate this incredible milestone of reaching one million consumer members in such a short span of time and believe this is further proof that many Americans are tired of corporations advancing DEI and ESG agendas," added Michael Seifert, Founder and CEO of PublicSq. "In the same week that Target watched its market capitalization drop by $10 billion, our marketplace experienced exponential membership growth. We're now providing more than one million Americans with a commerce experience that connects them with the largest marketplace of values-aligned small businesses in the nation, and we're just getting started."

PublicSq.'s rapid ascent in app store rankings and consumer membership growth is consistent with what PublicSq. believes is an emerging larger paradigm shift in consumer shopping preferences. By offering a values-aligned product-centric shopping experience, PublicSq. is attracting millions of Americans seeking alternatives to retailers and brands that they believe are out of touch.

About PublicSq.

PublicSq. is an app and websit that connects patriotic Americans to high-quality businesses that share their values, both online and in their local communities. The primary mission of the platform is to help consumers "shop their values" and put purpose behind their purchases. In less than one year since its nationwide launch, PublicSq. has seen tremendous growth and proven to the nation that the parallel, "patriotic" economy can be a major force in commerce. The platform has over 50,000 businesses from a variety of different industries and over one million consumer members. It is free to join for both consumers and business owners alike, and to learn more, download the app on the App Store or Google Play, or visit

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