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Protect-Yu is a NEW innovative Geofencing technology for the control, tracking and monitoring of COVID-19 quarantined patients, populations or persons under mandatory confinement measures
[March 27, 2020]

Protect-Yu is a NEW innovative Geofencing technology for the control, tracking and monitoring of COVID-19 quarantined patients, populations or persons under mandatory confinement measures

  • Revolutionary geolocation app that provides more real-time information on targeted infected patients or persons under mandatory self-isolation
  • Enhances and maintains multi-directional communications between first responders, medical staff, crisis management centers at either local, Provincial and Federal levels
  • Delivers critical information to decision makers and governments officials about of the ever changing uncertain environment that often arises from disaster or crisis situations
  • Adaptable technology that allows for customizing and adjusting the control, tracking and monitoring actions to meet the needs of a particular crisis depending on the state of viral spread and the decided response to it such as using mitigation or suppression measures such social distancing, self-isolation and mandatory quarantine

MONTREAL, March 27, 2020 /CNW/ - As a means of supporting the Federal and Provincial governments in the current fight against COVID-19 and for other future Crisis Management needs, PROTECT-YU offers the following solutions that can be easily, efficiently and effectively implemented:

Covid-19 Quarantine Control & Tracking Technology (CNW Group/Protect Yu)


  • Identification Bracelets: Connected to the console or a mobile tablet, this bracelet is a unique identifier assigned to a patient. It allows you to know the temperature and heart rate of a person from a distance. In case of violation of these confined areas or attempt to cut the bracelet, an alert is sent to the main console

  • Mobile APP: Secured bi-directional mobile application which provides geolocation of the user in real time. Stakeholders and managers are able to share TEXT, AUDIO, PHOTO, VIDEO to communicate strategic information to the operator from a central console

  • Dashboard: All information is relayed to a crisis management console which lists people in the field, alerts and incoming communications. It keeps an archive of the chronology of events, exchanges and trips. Emergency information and procedures are integrated into the console to assist the operator. This information management can be transmitted to a tablet or mobile phone, providing follow-up to key stakeholders on the move

"Without an efficient communication system, it is impossible during a crisis situation such as a pandemic to effectively coordinate security and public health services even if we have the best plan and the best people"

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, CEO
Specialist in national security
and emergency measures

PROTECT-YU Value Proposition

  1. Innovative identification with geolocation in real-time of all COVID-19 quarantine patients by using a bracelet
  2. Log system that keeps all data history, position of first responders, position of bracelet holders in command posts in cities, regions, provinces or country
  3. Rapid deployment by using personal cell phones for front-line workers
  4. Instantaneous communication with individuals, groups, or the general population with APP
  5. Creation of controlled or secured zones (geofencing) in both homes and areas where confinement has been mandated
  6. Triggering alerts of violation of quarantine protocols
  7. Mobile console dedicated to crisis management for supervisors and decision makers in the field
  8. Secured data in encrypted modes similar to the banking system

PROTECT-YU is a Canadian company driven by a team of engineers with expertise in the field of Crisis Management with over 200 years of field experience as first responders and senior crisis management.  After 8 years of R&D, PROTECT-YU has developed a state of the art tracking and identification system that is customizable to meet the needs of any disaster or crisis management.

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