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Paraverse Technology Releases Groundbreaking White Paper on Decentralized Operations and Trading Platforms for 3D Digital Assets
[November 14, 2023]

Paraverse Technology Releases Groundbreaking White Paper on Decentralized Operations and Trading Platforms for 3D Digital Assets

HONG KONG, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Paraverse Technology Limited ("Paraverse"), a leading international pioneer in digital parallel world technology, announces the release of the white paper, Paraverse: A Decentralized Operation and Trading Platform for 3D Digital Assets, developed in collaboration with industry organizations and 3D/XR and Web3.0 experts. The paper delves into the revolutionary concept of "Digital Parallel World" and presents a full-stack technical solution for 3D applications in the Web3.0 era.

Highlights of the White Paper:

  • Analyzes the revolutionary innovation of combining Metaverse and Web3.0 technologies, showcasing a full-stack technical solution for 3D applications in the Web3.0 era;
  • Explores how to reshape the production relationships in the 3D industry based on blockchain, building value co-creation and sustainable development communities, and
  • Introduces the world's first decentralized real-time rendering network, distributed verification storage, and encrypted operation system for large-scale 3D assets.

The "Digital Parallel World", an intelligent decentralized 3D information system, merges the virtual and real worlds to create an internet medium characterized by fairness and transparency. It integrates the media form of the "Metaverse" and the decentralized mode of operation, fully absorbing the achievements of technological revolutions such as spatial computing, cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. It provides the public with a truly 3D, highly immersive, and interactive sensory experience, as well as an economic activity experience centered around data ownership, traceability, fairness, and transparency.

This white paper provides a comprehensive analysis of Paraverse's decentralized real-time cloud rendering technology and the Web3 trading platform for 3D digital assets. It provides insights on technical routes, product design, and community development for unlocking the interactive gateway of decentralized 3D applications.

Web3.0 Era Full-Stack Technology Solutions for 3D Applications
The White Paper introduces in detail the Web3.0 era full-stack technology solution for 3D applications. By integrating cutting-edge technologies from the metaverse and Web3.0, including real-time cloud rendering, cloud-native architecture, blockchain, and other foundational technologies, Paraverse has successfully developed ParaLab, a decentralized real-time cloud rendering platform, and ParaHere, a Web3 transaction circulation platform designed specifically for 3D applications. These platforms enable enterprises and developers to rapidly establish a robust parallel world cloud technology infrastructure and facilitate seamless digital assettransactions based on the principles of Web3.

Redefining 3D Industry Production and Building a "Co-Creation" Economic Ecosystem
The 3D industry faces a number of difficulties that are impeding its overall growth, including fragmented content production, cooperation issues, and asset ownership problems. This leads to information silos, resource waste, and ineffective intellectual property rights management. Paraverse addresses these issues by leveraging blockchain technology to empower the 3D content ecosystem. Through a decentralized network, Paraverse aims to establish a "co-creation" economic ecosystem, connecting creators and consumers to transform the production dynamics of the 3D industry and drive ecosystem prosperity.

To achieve this vision, a substantial amount of 3D content and diverse application scenarios are essential. The White Paper outlines the pivotal role of Paraverse as a versatile real-time cloud rendering platform. Apart from offering the foundational technology platform, Paraverse unites enterprises and developers in various roles, including 3D asset providers, application developers, and AI capability drivers, fostering a diverse ecosystem that forms a robust foundation for the 3D content industry's growth and facilitates global collaboration and innovation.

Introducing Lark Network, the World's First Decentralized Rendering Network and Decentralized Authentication Storage and Encryption Running System for Large 3D Assets 
Paraverse leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain to develop its revolutionary decentralized rendering network, Lark Network, ensuring higher rendering speeds, system stability, and scalability. This network allows all nodes to become rendering nodes, enabling users to contribute to and be rewarded for their computing power. Additionally, Paraverse facilitates the uplinking of large-scale 3D assets through off-chain running and on-chain entitlement and tracking solutions, creating a more efficient and secure 3D asset transaction platform. The White Paper emphasizes the significance of merging Web 3.0 technologies with 3D content ecosystems to propel the construction of the next-generation Internet. As decentralized technologies evolve, Paraverse anticipates a more innovative and sustainable digital media and economic ecosystem. As decentralized technologies evolve, Paraverse anticipates a more innovative and sustainable digital media and economic ecosystem. Paraverse is eager to work with 3D asset providers, capability providers, and application developers to advance the 3D industry made possible by Web 3.0 technology and contribute to the future of the digital parallel world through ParaDao.

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Access the White Paper: English Version and Simplified Chinese Version

About Paraverse Technology Limited
Paraverse is a leading international pioneer in the realm of digital parallel world technology. They redefine the construction and operation of parallel worlds by offering enterprises and developers a globally leading decentralized real-time cloud rendering platform and a Web3 transaction platform designed for XR applications and 3D digital assets. With cutting-edge technologies such as real-time cloud rendering, cloud-native architecture, and blockchain integration, Paraverse enables users to swiftly access the metaverse, establish essential services for Web3-based digital asset transactions, lower entry barriers for end-users venturing into the metaverse, and drive a thriving ecosystem for creators. Their mature products and solutions are widely applied to various industries such as education and training, digital twin, medical rehabilitation, virtual live streaming, AI-powered digital humans, cloud events, and online gaming scenarios. Since 2016, Paraverse has attracted nearly 1,000 enterprise users and tens of thousands of independent developers from around the world. They continue to serve users with innovative technology, stable and convenient products, and rich scene ecosystems to promote the prosperity of the global digital economy. (English) (Simplified Chinese)

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