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OURS Reinvents Relationship Health
[May 11, 2022]

OURS Reinvents Relationship Health

OURS, a company reimagining the way we strengthen our closest relationships, launches today. Modernizing couples and premarital counseling, OURS raised ~$5M in seed financing from investors including TMV, Serena Ventures, Lakehouse Ventures, Collaborative Fund, GreyMatter, and notable angel investors such as Andy Dunn.

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OURS co-founders. From left to right: Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT; Adam Putterman; Jessica Holton. (Photo: Business Wire)

OURS co-founders. From left to right: Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT; Adam Putterman; Jessica Holton. (Photo: Business Wire)

Inspired by their own experiences with couples counseling, co-founders Adam Putterman; Jessica Holton; and Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT and best-selling author, combined their collective backgrounds in design, product and therapy to create OURS. "We're excited to take this first step in shifting the way we think about relationship health. e are building for a world that treats relationship health with equal importance as physical, mental and emotional health. We want working on your relationships to be an everyday experience, accessible to all," said Co-CEO Jessica Holton.

There are several common issues that make couples counseling largely inaccessible today, such as long-held stigmas, complexity in finding a therapist and difficulty in carving out time. OURS provides an accessible and proactive experience by marrying the magic of a real human with the power of technology and content, helping couples navigate everyday ups and downs.

Disrupting the $5T mental health and wellness market, OURS is reimagining what it means to go to couples counseling. "As it stands, the current mental health and wellness space is largely geared towards individuals, yet nearly 50% of couples have either participated in, or have sought out solutions, to foster stronger romantic partnerships," said Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder and General Partner at TMV. "However, a lack of therapists - until now - or confused perception of couples counseling leave needs unmet."

"Research shows that relationships are the most important factor to our overall health and wellbeing, which is an area that I'm hyper-focused on in my personal life," said Serena Williams, Managing Partner at Serena Ventures. "We're proud to be early investors in a brand that is making relationship health accessible to couples everywhere."

Powered by proprietary technology and content, industry-leading research and the personalized human touch of a trained Guide, OURS is a first-of-its-kind platform offering an entirely new way to strengthen relationship health, starting with preventive care for couples during big life moments. With a goal to empower 1 billion hours of 'us-time', the team is helping people lead happier, healthier lives through stronger, more intentional relationships than ever before, creating a kinder, more loving world.

Now live, OURS is designed for engaged couples across all sexual identities and orientations, with plans to serve all close relationships. The four-week OURS experience helps couples better understand each other and their relationship by giving couples the tools to talk about the big stuff and build their future together. The team's hybrid approach to relationship wellness includes personalized, live virtual sessions led by a Guide combined with asynchronous content-based sessions hosted on the company's innovative new technology, Loveware. Each one-hour session includes dynamic and meaningful conversations and exercises between a couple, all inspired by the life-changing impact of being in the room with an expert.

OURS is coming out of beta after having served thousands of customers across the United States and amassing a growing waitlist of couples. The team's first product focuses on the 2.5 million couples who get married each year and seek premarital counseling. To learn more visit:

About OURS

OURS is disrupting the $5T mental health and wellness market by reimagining relationship wellness from the ground up. Founded in 2020, OURS combines the expertise and human touch of Master's-level Guides with data-backed insights and the delight of technology to empower couples to nurture their relationship health. OURS is helping people lead happier, healthier lives and have stronger, more intentional relationships through a series of structured and immersive wellness programs. The OURS experience unfolds over the course of four weeks and includes live, virtual sessions with a Guide combined with asynchronous content-based sessions hosted on the company's proprietary technology, Loveware. Each session is rooted in reflection, discussions and exercises between partners.

To learn more about OURS and its mission to redefine what it means to go relationship counseling, visit: or Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and follow co-founder Liz Earnshaw @lizlistens.

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