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NodeOps Secures $5 Million Seed Round to Revolutionize Node Orchestration Layer
[May 27, 2024]

NodeOps Secures $5 Million Seed Round to Revolutionize Node Orchestration Layer

As the first permissionless Infrastructure Marketplace on EigenLayer, NodeOps is transforming AI, DePIN, and DeFi protocol infrastructure.

NEW YORK, May 27th 2024 /CNW/ - NodeOps, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing Blockchain node orchestration, has secured a $5 million funding round led by L1D with participation from Blockchain Founders Fund, Finality Capital, and others. NodeOps has built a solution that simplifies the process of node deployment and management, enabling seamless integration with multiple blockchain networks through innovative tools and support mechanisms. NodeOps is among the first to leverage AI as an infrastructure for Web3 protocols. NodeOps is making the Ethereum ecosystem safer and more transparent by offering users a permissionless value capture engine that powers digital and physical infrastructures via its Actively Validated Services (AVS) on EigenLayer. According to its co-founder, Naman Kabra: :

"NodeOps' growth trajectory is a testament to our team's dedication and the trust placed in us by our investors. With this new capital, we are poised to revolutionize the node infrastructure landscape, making it more efficient and sustainable."

Since its inception, NodeOps has distinguished itself by enabling one-click Node deployment across Blockchain infrastructures, supporting the creation of over 17,000 nodes, and powering more than 25 live chains to date. Its AI-powered infrastructure is a playground for developers, simplifying numerous, often vastly complex, processes with the simple click of a button. Having just closed this $5 million raise as their seed round, NodeOps has attracted support from numerous institutional investors, including Oakgrave Ventures, Double Peak Group, Momentum6, and Bitscale Capital; as well as notable angels, including Richard Ma (Quantsamp), JD Kanani (Former Polygon Co-Founder), Rushi (Movement Labs) and Dorothy (AltLayer). With this round complete, NodeOps plans to scale its operations rapidly, extending its infrastructure to encompass more protocols and build incentive mechanisms that empower NodeOps developers. According to Mnaging Partner at L1D, Ray Hindi:

"NodeOps' mission to break down barriers for developers and node operators, providing them with the tools they need, resonates with me. I'm glad to support this initiative and, thereby, a more secure future for the Ethereum ecosystem."

To make the ecosystem more transparent and secure, NodeOps offers numerous unique products and features. From monitoring and vulnerability trackers to NodePad™, a streamlined permissionless launchpad that lets you purchase and deploy your nodes with a single click,  Nodeops offers the only true 360 "Node as a Service" ecosystem currently on the market. NodePad™ alone is a formidable advancement in an industry fraught with inherent complexity– turning Node deployment into a one-click process, making this infrastructure far more accessible to operators across industries hoping to integrate Web3 into their systems. 

Looking ahead, NodeOps is set to launch an AVS on EigenLayer, a strategic move aiming to establish a value capture engine designed for developers and node operators alike. This initiative will focus on offering economic security to all parties involved in the ecosystem, enhancing engagement and productivity within the ecosystem in an on-chain permissionless infrastructure. NodeOps wants to work with organizations and projects that can benefit from their easy-to-use node deployment and management solutions. Partnering with NodeOps can improve an on-chain organization's project efficiency and open up new growth opportunities.

For anyone interested in partnering with NodeOps, fill out this form and say hi ??

About NodeOps

NodeOps is a rising force in the node infrastructure sector, facilitating rapid deployment and robust support for a growing number of blockchain networks. NodeOps is one of the First Actively Validated Services (AVS) to build an on-chain permissionless incentivization system, creating a value capture engine for Operators, developers, and protocols within the ecosystem.

NodeOps' mission is to continue driving the accessibility and efficiency of reliable infrastructure, enabling innovation and growth across the industry.

About NodePad™ by NodeOps

NodePad is a streamlined launchpad that lets you purchase and deploy your nodes with a single click. NodePad by NodeOps empowers protocols across Gaming, DePIN, AI & AppChains seeking decentralized Node infrastructure via Node sales mechanisms.


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