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[March 08, 2023]


NEW DELHI, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 'Menstruation cramps' better known as 'period cramps' is still not a very comfortable terminology used or acknowledged by the young grown-ups in the society. Infact it is the Gen-Z and their unabashed way of talking about everything and anything that fuels the courage to do so and help break generations of taboos.

"In India there is a Shakti Peeth, temple of Devi Maa herself in Kamakhya that is said to have come to be when Mother Sati's womb or vagina fell there while Shiva danced the furious Tandav with her corpse on himself. So our traditions, the largely practiced Sanatan Dharma was and hence remains a very flexible and open-minded way of life," explains, Priyanka Anand, CEO, Vedic Sadhana Foundation (VSF).

Infact, in the past, women were abstained from working for the 3 to 4 days of her period cycle so that she could get some rest from the tireless work she did maintaining a household that was mostly of joint families back then, work in fields and in the kitchen. Even doing pujas were an elaborate work back then and took a large part of her time. Her rest was linked to religious principles so as to spread the word and make sure people followed it.

"Our scriptures or Vedas say nothing about women and their abstinence from reverential practices during her these days. At VSF, we don't just believe in preaching the Vedic way of life to the people around us but also practice it and lead by example. Starting with small steps we are introducing a 'Menstruationleave Policy' for all the women that work in this organization," she proudly quips.

Sanatan Dharma is the only philosophy in the world that reveres the feminine energy in the form of Shakti. Hence on the occasion of Women's Day, the Vedic Sadhana Foundation introduced this policy amongst its staff for all the women in VSF, as a special gift for Women's Day, and also since the Chaitra Navaratri is around the corner too. VSF plans to celebrate the existence of feminine energy all year-round.

The policy states that every woman  working at the Vedic Sadhana Foundation  will be entitled to ten annual paid leaves. These will not be denied. This makes the VSF amongst a handful of organisations that practice this in India.

While the bill for the women's mensuration leave still awaits its fate at the legislature its acceptance and practice amongst the new and upcoming organisations will surely have a positive impact on our society and its tolerance levels.

The Sadhana app (a product of the VSF) has been breaking old beliefs and prohibitions with its very advent. It promotes Manasic puja and encourages people to connect with Divinity at a more spiritual level of existence.

Mantra Sadhana, was once only for sages and seers to practice but through the Sadhana app the users have been able to practice the powerful Sri Suktam (Devi) Sadhana and now soon the Nav Durga Sadhana, a powerful practice of Mantra Sadhana to immerse into the universal sonic energies on these auspicious days.

About Vedic Sadhana Foundation (VSF):

Vedic Sadhana Foundation (VSF), an 80-G approved not-for-profit technology organization, taking upon itself a colossal task of reviving the forgotten Vedic way of life. Led by a pursuit to revive, restore, and reclaim the beautiful heritage and spiritual transformation, Sadhana App is its humble offering in the service of humanity, bringing the glorious Vedic practices to mainstream. 

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