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Meet Jay Leaf-Clark: Entrepreneur and IT Mentor
[January 13, 2021]

Meet Jay Leaf-Clark: Entrepreneur and IT Mentor

Dallas, TX, Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jay Leaf-Clark, Entrepreneur and IT Mentor 

It’s not often that a highly accomplished IT expert maintains a passion and practice of mentoring and teaching people entering the IT world.

But people like Jay Leaf-Clark don’t come around very often. 

Jay Leaf-Clark is one of the nation’s leading IT executives, currently helping multiple companies, including password-management platform Dashlane, build robust IT strategies. 

“I am the Head of IT / VP of IT at startups (from unknown to unicorn) and large Fortune 500 corporations with over 16 years experience maintaining, building, and leading IT departments. When I’m not transforming IT departments I also serve as a cosultant and advisor for small and large businesses to help them streamline their operations, as well as advise on best practices on security, compliance, and automation.”

Jay serves as a mentor and coach for workers entering the IT world and those considering IT as a career. Jay does this as a volunteer and as a paid IT career consultant / coach. In addition to being a professional IT consultant and entrepreneur, Jay is also an angel investor with an eye for up-and-coming companies, and is an author and blogger.

Jay explains why he does the work he does:

“Your organization's IT infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery plans will continuously be tested as bad actors continue to attempt to hack businesses of both large and small size. The trickle down impact will affect your business, even if not directly, so you must be prepared.”

Here’s success according to Jay Leaf-Clark:

“Success is self determined / defined. It’s when you personally feel as though you have reached your own peak, after having sacrificed and diligently waded through hardship and difficulty. 

Success is when you have succeeded in obtaining a partial or complete ideal result in what you have worked tirelessly to achieve.”

Jay Leaf Clark
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