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Jun Group Launches Vera Machine Learning Tool
[January 18, 2022]

Jun Group Launches Vera Machine Learning Tool

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jun Group, a mobile advertising platform that delivers full-screen video, display and rich media campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers, has launched a new machine learning campaign optimization tool, Vera.

Inspired by the Latin word for “truth,” Vera is a new tool developed by Jun Group’s technology team that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize ad campaigns in real-time and deliver actionable results. Vera will enhance Jun Group’s unmatched store-specific sales lift, return on ad spend, and viewability, which consistently outperform industry standards.

“As brands continue to push for concrete, lower-funnel results, this is a major milestone for mobile campaign efficacy,” according to Jun Group CEO Corey Weiner.

“The best advertising platforms are masters of probability,” Weiner said. “How likely is the person on the other side of your ad to take action? Vera uses AI to digest hundreds of thousands of conversions, then tweaks its algorithm to determine what type of customers are most likely to click, or download, or shop.”

Vera is powered by zero-party data, which encompasses data a customer provides willingly and intentionally. This includes a customer’s personal attributes(e.g., age, gender, and other demographic information), purchase intent, or any other information the customer is comfortable directly sharing. The data steers Vera towards the most receptive and relevant audience for each campaign.

“Whether you’re a local auto dealership or a Fortune 500 brand, our goal is the same: to achieve the most effective cost-per-outcome,” said Jun Group COO Mishel Alon.


Imagine advertising only to people who say they’re interested. Jun Group does this at scale, crafting custom audiences using first-party data collected directly from its SDK. Jun Group delivers full-screen video, display and rich media campaigns for Fortune 500 advertisers and drives opt-in page views for leading publishers. Jun Group is powered by its machine-learning optimization tool, Vera; its custom audience targeting platform, Schema; and its in-house creative studio, Candor. Across brand, shopper, publisher and influencer marketing, Jun Group drives tangible action that is viewable, brand-safe and transparent.

Based in New York City, Jun Group is a division of Advantage Solutions, a leading provider of technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions. Jun Group is a certified 2020 Great Place to Work. Visit or follow on Twitter @jungroup or on Linkedin.

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