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Jackpot World Unveils 'Undersea Pearl 2' Slot Machine with New Atlantis Theme and Immersive Design
[April 23, 2024]

Jackpot World Unveils 'Undersea Pearl 2' Slot Machine with New Atlantis Theme and Immersive Design

LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Jackpot World, one of the world's most popular online slot game platforms, has been providing millions of players with enjoyable leisure time since its launch in 2018, with over 80 million registered players and 30 million recommendations worldwide. In keeping with its commitment to providing players with new and exciting experiences, Jackpot World launched a new slot game, "Undersea Pearl 2," on April 1st, 2024. This latest addition to Jackpot World is a fusion of Greek mythology and the ocean, featuring the powerful Greek god of the sea, Poseidon (Neptune in Roman).

“Undersea Pearl 2”, the lastest addition to the Jackpot World game collection

A Visual Masterpiece Set in the Oceanic Realm of Atlantis

While there are many slot games with an ocean theme on the market, including several from Jackpot World, such as "Mermaid" and "Marine Life," "Undersea Pearl 2" is the first to feature the image of Poseidon, the king of Atlantis, in reference to Greek mythology.

The design team at Jackpot World has created an impressive and visually stunning game with immersive gameplay. The iconic weapon of Poseidon, the "Trident of Poseidon," is prominently featured in the game's artwork.

What sets "Undersea Pearl 2" apart from other slot games is the team's dedication to creating a more immersive atmosphere by incorporating the underwater environment of Atlantis into the game. From the loading screen, players are transported to a realistic underwater world, complete with schools of fish and the grand architecture of Atlantis in the background. This level of detail is rarely seen in slot games, making "Undersea Pearl 2" a standout addition to the platform.

In terms of gameplay, specific combinations of symbols activate unique animations that align with the game's mythological theme. When Poseidon employs his trident to lead underwter creatures in opening the treasure trove of Atlantis, players can potentially win a substantial amount of free coins. These special animations highlight Poseidon's godly abilities and enhance the immersive quality of the game. As players keep spinning the reels, they have the chance to discover the mysteries of Atlantis and earn substantial rewards.

The game's stunning visual effects are a testament to the platform's six years of technical advancement and the design team's commitment to creating a diverse and rich gaming experience.

Interview with the Design Team Behind Jackpot World

The design team at Jackpot World is known for their visually stunning and immersive games. In a recent interview, we spoke with them about their latest game's (Undersea Pearl 2) theme, Poseidon, the god of the sea.

When asked why they chose this theme, the team explained that Greek mythology has always been one of the sources of inspiration for their game design. Their previous Greek mythology-themed games, Zeus and Medusa, were well-received by players. For the Poseidon theme, the team wanted to create a more immersive background by incorporating the underwater ecology into the game.

The design team at Jackpot World is dedicated to more than just producing new themes on a weekly basis; they view each theme as a profound opportunity to delve into various cultures and narrate unique stories. For them, these themes are not merely superficial aesthetics but gateways to constructing entire worlds within their games. This approach allows players to embark on immersive journeys that are as culturally enlightening as they are entertaining.

Looking ahead, the design team plans to continue their pursuit of diversified games and player ecology. They believe that different cultures give birth to different stories, and they want to lower the restrictions on creators to explore new themes. They may even invite players to participate in the creative process because, as the team noted, everyone can be an artist.

With their passion for storytelling and player engagement, the design team at Jackpot World is sure to continue creating visually stunning and immersive games that keep players coming back for more.

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