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Groundbreaking Results by TMGcore, Inc. on 3M's Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Fluid Novec™ 649
[January 18, 2022]

Groundbreaking Results by TMGcore, Inc. on 3M's Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Fluid Novec™ 649

PLANO, Texas, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TMGcore, Inc., the leader in the number of U.S. patents issued in the field of 2PLIC solutions for computing, reveals its active use of a near Zero GWP fluid in its commercial high-performance computing solutions. TMGcore's world-class research lab is the first in the World to complete its initial testing to confirm the viability and efficacy of the Novec 649 fluid for use in commercial immersion cooling for a variety of HPC use cases. "We are proud of the results from our research lab and believe the world will benefit from access to ESG-friendly and sustainable data center solutions," comments Mr. John-David Enright, Sr., CEO of TMGcore.

For the initial study and the subsequent commercial development, TMGcore converted its commercially available 2PLIC solution, the Edgebox, to check the viability of 3M's Novec 649, a fluoroketone dielectric fluid. The leading scientist in thermal sciences, Jimil Shah, Ph.D., conducted detailed research on the viability of the fluoroketone fluid for 2PLIC. The fluoroketone fluid (fluorinated ketone, C2F5C(O)CF(CF3)2)) highlighted in the research study is a liquid sold commercially by the 3M Company as Novec 649 Engineered Fluid. Novec 649 is an environmentally-friendly alternative for electronics cooling applications due to its high dielectric strength and low GWP. The outcome of the research indicates reducing or limiting contaminants such as water and hydrocarbons in the Novac™ 649 will allow for more reliable HPC operations. Dr. Shah comments, "TMGcore has spared no expense to enable my depth of study, which is the foundation for the company providing best-in-class HPC technology using low GWP fluids."

Mr. Enright is elated with Dr. Shah's work in the research lab. "The results are in. Deploying 2PLIC equipment will elevate the role of technology to support eco-friendly disclosures for ESG programs. Our lab research now shows Novec 649 used in our Edgebox delivered amazing results that should be a wake-up call for CIOs and CTOs who have data center infrastructure equipment planning and ESG results to show their Boards. They need to investigate 2PLIC as an investment that will be as relevant today as in five years," says Mr. Enright. "Servers two years from now will only be immersion compatible. Our company takes today's servers and refits them for 2PLIC today, as the trend is toward "Born in Liquid" servers. Using Novec 649 completes the full advantages of 2PLIC over air or water-cooled servers."

Dr. Shah shared, "I am in the process of scheduling a presentation of our extensive research findings at upcoming technical conferences, and completing a publication for scientific journals. The information is a game changer for the marriage of technology and sustainability."

"Our team of scientists and engineers are leading the charge on both the science and benefits of environmentally-friendly fluids for our high-performance computing solutions. We not only serve our mission as a company but also have the research results to show improved HPC capabilities in two-phase liquid immersion solutions like our Edgebox and OTTO," says Mr. Enright. "We are pleased to demonstrate our groundbreaking results for a new generation of computing solutions."

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