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Glory Technology Service Inc. recognized at the third Smart City Outstanding Contribution Awards for its smart security control solution
[September 22, 2020]

Glory Technology Service Inc. recognized at the third Smart City Outstanding Contribution Awards for its smart security control solution

TAIPEI, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Co-hosted by Taiwan Smart City Association, Wealth Magazine, Unique Satellite TV, and the Foundation of Urban Development and Environmental Education, the third Smart City Outstanding Contribution Award was held at the Regent Taipei on August 20, 2020. The award recognized Glory Technology Service Inc. for its smart security control solution. CEO Dr. Eric Chang received the award on behalf of the company at the event. At the invitation of the organizers, Taiwan's Vice President William Lai Ching-te delivered a speech at the ceremony, which was presided by Kung Ming-hsin, Deputy Minister of Taiwan's National Development Council, and Chuan-Neng Lin, Taiwan's Vice Minister of Economic Affairs.

Taiwan’s Vice Minister of Economic Affairs presents the award and takes photos with the winners. From Taiwan Smart City Association’s website


Group photo of guests and winner. From Taiwan Smart City Association’s website

Glory Technology combines its intelligent security control technologies with its experience in implementing urban disaster prevention and relief projects

Last year was of great commemorative significance to the Taiwanese as it marked the 20th anniversary of the 921 earthquake. Currently, governments at all levels, including central, municipal and county, are advocating the planning and construction of smart towns and counties by implementing smart city projects with a focus on the development of smart and secure towns and counties. The National Rescue Command Center held a 108-year Rescue Seminar on December 11, 2019, at which Vice Minister of the Interior Chen Chong-yen spoke highly of Glory Technology and presented a certificate of appreciation to the firm, in addition to expressing his gratitude to public-minded companies and non-governmental organizations for their tireless participation.

Photo of 108-year Rescue Seminar and Vice Minister of the Interior Chen Chong-yen’s award presentation event. From Glory Technoogy

When delivering a keynote speech at the 20th Anniversary of the 921 Earthquake Forum held on September 6, Dr. Chang emphasized the importance of keeping an open mind when adopting a new approach to improving the efficiency of disaster prevention and relief programs in urban areas by using ICT technology as a vehicle to reduce injuries and deaths and save more lives. In addition to explaining the connection between natural disasters and ICT technology used for disaster prevention and relief, he also shared Glory Technology's experience in supporting Taiwan's efforts in this area. Dr. Chang said, "ICT technology even when applied intelligently cannot be a considered in and of itself a solution for everything. However, top leaders and decision makers can define the right general direction and make more informed decisions by leveraging their deeper understanding of the technology. When faced with a life-threatening disaster, failure is not a solution for even one person affected by the situation. As a result, visionary leaders need to make a firm resolution to implement disaster prevention programs and to educate the public on disaster prevention as a way of saving lives and protecting property. This is the government's ultimate goal as it continues to build smart and safe urban and rural communities while moving towards intelligent governance. In addition, the goal of building smart cities is to solve problems. Using a people-first approach to improving the quality of life among local communities and preparing them for a safer and brighter future is a common concern."

Photo of 108-year Rescue Seminar and Vice Minister of the Interior Chen Chong-yen’s award presentation event. From Glory Technology

Glory Technology has learned from Japan's years of valuable experience in disaster prevention and relief through a long-term partnership with NEC Corporation. Additionally, the company is US-based Motorola Solutions' Regional Channel Partner in Taiwan and Thailand while serving as a key strategic partner for the implementation of mission-critical programs. Besides power plants and power grids, the key infrastructure system in urban areas also includes projects involving disaster prevention and relief, which requires a company be capable of providing its experience in region-wide system integration rather than simply supplying equipment. A solid partnership backed by years of experience is a key cornerstone for Glory Technology as the firm continues to solidify its presence in the field of disaster prevention. Dr. Chang, who has a background in disaster prevention engineering, said in an interview: what touched me most was that while the members of every household were at home busy preparing their abodes for any possible flood situation during July and August, the staff at Glory Technology did not go home. They stayed on duty, stationed in the national disaster response center, with all engineers on standby to serve the different parts of Taiwan, as well as the outlying islands, as needed. Immediately after the occurrence of any earthquake, including the Tainan Earthquake a few years ago, Glory Technology people always rushed to the disaster sites in the shortest of time regardless of the weather, with the mission of establishing real-time communication and saving as many lives as possible during those critical hours when every minute counts.

Dr. Chang has led the team as they successfully expanded the business to Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Macao over the last few years, based on taking the experience that they had acquired in Taiwan and applying it to other countries and regions. This year, the team partnered with French Airbus Group to participate in FSD Security projects in Asian countries. Besides intelligent disaster prevention, Glory Technology also realized many bright achievements in intelligent transportation, including the establishment and installment of the rail communication systems for the Thai Express Red Line and Manila's Line 3. He also extended his thanks to the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Industrial Development Bureau and the System Integration Promotion Alliance (SIPA) platform. With the support of SIPA, Glory Technology has been able to leverage its success in its home market in tandem with its well-established product technologies as a way of gaining entry to overseas markets. Dr. Chang believes that the company has properly chosen its path and plans to continue in the direction that has already been set out. He hopes to extend the experience of Taiwan's MIT products and marketing to other countries and regions around the world and help more people in need.

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