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Getting Past the Hype - Synapse Instant-On Wireless Mesh Network Technology Really Works
[March 10, 2008]

Getting Past the Hype - Synapse Instant-On Wireless Mesh Network Technology Really Works

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --(Business Wire)-- Today, Synapse(R) announced the shipping of its next-generation mesh wireless network products - the Synapse Pro product line - which delivers instant-on, mesh networks with no embedded programming skills required for developing applications.

Tom Starnes, Processor Analyst for Objective Analysis, visited Synapse to experience the new product line first-hand. Tom said, "Synapse utilizes a scripting language that makes it easy for the non-professional programmer to pull together programs that will wirelessly monitor the environment and control equipment. More importantly, SNAP Pro completely eliminates the need to touch any of the intricate wireless networking protocols -- they simply work in the background. This should attract industrial applications that might otherwise be hesitant to take advantage of the benefits of digital control and wireless mesh networks."

Wade Patterson, CEO of Synapse, said, "We know first-hand what customers are going through today using the wireless technologies currently on the market. We became disillusioned ourselves. So we dedicated ourselves over the past several years to producing an integrated, easy-to-deploy solution where the customer could focus on developing their application, not on the network or on complex embedded code."

The Synapse Pro product line comprises the SNAP(R) Pro software stack, Synapse RF Engine(TM) Modules, a variety of physical wireless SNAP Nodes, and the Portal(R) Pro wireless application development and network administration environment.

Tom further mentioned that, "The simplicity of SNAP Pro may mean that the promise of 802.15.4 can finally be realized. You no longer have to be a network expert to make use of wireless technology, and can develop an application in a matter of days. Why, it's so easy even an analyst can do it."

The Synapse Network Evaluation Kit

Digi-Key and Carleton-Bates, both major distributors of electronic components, will be offering Synapse's Network Evaluation Kit - the EK2500 - to allow potential customers and OEMs to evaluate the capabilities of the Synapse Pro product line. This evaluation kit includes a four-node license for Portal Pro, one SNAP Node Bridge, one SNAP Node End Device, and one SNAP Node ProtoBoard (each node is equipped with a Synapse RF Engine preloaded with SNAP Pro and demonstration application scripts).

Availability and Pricing

The complete line of Synapse Pro products are available now. The Synapse Network Evaluation Kit (EK2500) is priced at $995.00 USD. Pricing for other Synapse Pro products is available from

About Objective Analysis

Objective Analysis ( is an independent market research organization that analyzes the semiconductor, memory, embedded processor, and SOC industry - chips, vendors, and applications. Our highly-respected analysts utilize decades of industry experience, widespread contacts, and unique insights to guide clients in achieving the ultimate success from their business strategies.

About Synapse

Synapse is dedicated to developing easy to use, intelligent, wireless, machine communication that really works. Reliable machine communication enables energy savings, increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and amazing convenience to users. Because this technology is wireless, it is easy and inexpensive to install and provides rapid return on investment to our customers. For more information visit our website:

About Synapse Solutions Now

In addition to our Synapse Pro Product Line, we also offer custom wireless network services. We have helped numerous customers overcome barriers and speed up their time to market. We are experts in designing and implementing RF stages and wireless modules, wireless network stacks and network applications, and all forms of wireless network nodes.

All Synapse(R) products are patent pending.

Tom Starnes may be contacted at (512) 345-4074 [email protected]

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