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Fluidra Launches its €20 Million Venture Capital Fund, the First to Specialize in Pool and Wellness Startups
[March 04, 2024]

Fluidra Launches its €20 Million Venture Capital Fund, the First to Specialize in Pool and Wellness Startups

Fluidra, a global leader in connected equipment and solutions for the pool and wellness sector, is launching Fluidra Ventures, a €20 million corporate venture capital fund (CVC) investment to lead innovation in the sector.

The CVC will invest in each startup with the potential to revolutionize the industry on a global scale through their solutions, with a special focus on the United States and Europe. The goal of this first three-year phase is to build a solid portfolio of startups through investing in innovative companies.

The CVC will target startup initiatives that enhance efficiency, connectivity, sustainability and safety in the swimming pool and wellness business, leveraging IoT, computer vision and robotic solutions. It is looking for startups that add value to the pool and wellness sector with innovative business models, fostering direct customer interaction through sales, subscriptions and other channels. The CVC has already invested in Coral Smart Pool, a technology company aiming to transform the pool experience throughArtificial Intelligence (AI) with an initial focus on pool safety.

Fluidra Ventures will also invest in companies that innovate in engineering and science to advance materials and products that deal with swimming pool manufacturing, efficiency and maintenance.

Four segments and eight strategic guidelines

The fund is focused on four different segments - Commercial, Residential, Wellness and Mass Market-and has an investment thesis that covers eight strategic guidelines, from connected pools, resource optimization, digital platforms, innovative materials, security systems, personalized experiences, robotics and innovative consumable products.

Fluidra Ventures is fueled by Fluidra Lab, Fluidra's open innovation division, and any startups that want to submit their proposals can send their investment pitch decks to [email protected]. Offering more than just investments, Fluidra aims to leverage this initiative to become the top strategic collaborator for the most innovative startups with the tremendous benefits that being an industry leader brings, such as: resources, scale successful business models, expertise, experience, and sales options.

"This initiative joins several others that we have at Fluidra to promote innovation in our industry. This is why here at Fluidra Ventures we're excited about the transformative potential that this venture will have for the pool and wellness industry, driving forward innovation, sustainability and technological advancement", said Eloi Planes, Fluidra's Executive Chairman.

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