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Environmental Gas Sensor Technology Finds Opportunities in the Smart-Building and Automotive Markets, Reports IDTechEx
[October 03, 2023]

Environmental Gas Sensor Technology Finds Opportunities in the Smart-Building and Automotive Markets, Reports IDTechEx

BOSTON, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Gas sensor technology makes the invisible, visible. A plethora of different technology types can be used to measure analytes related to safety and health - quantifying the composition of air quality inside and out. In the next ten years, the focus on sensor networks within smart buildings is expected to grow, offering greater automation and predictive maintenance. Environmental gas sensor technology, old and new, will likely find opportunities in the air quality monitoring market, as well as in related applications such as breath diagnostics and electric vehicle battery monitoring.

Industry Roadmap. Source: IDTechEx

Mass-digitization to drive widespread air quality monitoring

Once a concern reserved for industrial facility managers, sophisticated air quality monitoring with gas sensors will both inform policy and enable consumers to make more informed choices regarding issues such as pollution, air-born pandemics, and even climate change.

Widely distributed gas sensor networks will enable automated ventilation of schools and homes, monitor urban air quality, change government policies, control traffic, and more. The era of gas sensor data as technical information only accessible to scientists is ending, being overtaken by sensors that are easy to use, low power, and affordable.

Mass-digitization of gas measurements will rely on software that goes beyond visualization, adding value through improved sensitivity, companion apps, and closed-loop control. IDTechEx assesses the hardware and business models, enabling continuous measurement and identify commercial opportunities within environmental monitoring and air quality.

Hype versus realistic opportunity for digitized smell

There is no denying that aroma is important to us. The quality of food and drink is often first assessed just after it is smelt. This ranges from whether yesterday's milk is safe to expert opinions on the merits of a wine vintage. Historically, the human nose has been a person's only means of identifying aromas - until now.

New sensor technology claims to act as a digital replacement for the nose and brain, capable of objectively quantifying smells. Moreover, the size and power of these so-called 'e-noses' are small enough to allow them to be integrated into everything from cars and fridges to smart home products and phones. But how does digital smell work, and does the technology readiness level match the hype?

IDTechEx not only explain the principle of 'e-nose' technology but also compares the performance of newly commercialized devices - extracting realistic opportunities from marketing hype.

Technological roadmap towards iniaturization

Sensors small enough to fit inside a smartphone sell in high volumes, and micron scale gas sensor technology is emerging from the lab. Demand from the public for air quality sensors spiked during the pandemic, a trend set to continue beyond 2022.

Newly commercialized technology uses carbon nanotube inks printed on thin films. These advanced materials are a thousand times more sensitive than competitor technology. Optical particle counters are also shrinking, perhaps finally small enough to fit within wearables. 

IDTechEx benchmarks the performance and application of this and other early-stage technology against established techniques. Alongside an in-depth review of printed sensors, IDTechEx provide a roadmap towards ultra-miniaturized gas sensors.

Market Outlook

IDTechEx has been covering the broad topic of sensor technology since 2008 and have recently published their new report, "Environmental Gas Sensor Market 2024-2034: Technology, Trends, Forecasts, Players". They have interviewed a wide range of the major players over the years, attended multiple conferences, and delivered both consulting projects and workshops on this topic. This dedicated environmental gas sensor report evaluates the performance of ten technologies in detail - comparing their key characteristics and compatibility to five application areas. It includes over 30 company profiles from interviews with both major manufacturers and start-ups specializing in a range of different technologies.

IDTechEx have developed 10-year market forecasts for each technology and application sector, presented by both revenue and volume. They forecast a growing market for environmental applications worldwide, with an increasing proportion of revenue generated from infra-red sensors and optical particle counters. It is anticipated that a consumer market for digital smell will become more established, with existing technology combined with AI utilized in white goods and quality control. The most disruptive technologies are predicted to be printed and acoustic gas sensors, which hold the most promise for ultra-low form factor applications such as smart packaging and wearables.

To find out about this new IDTechEx report, including downloadable sample pages, please visit

Upcoming Free-to-Attend Webinar

Air Quality Monitoring Technology: Comparing the Opportunities in Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes

Dr Tess Skyrme Senior, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx and author of this article, will be presenting a free-to-attend webinar on the topic on Wednesday 25 October 2023 - Air Quality Monitoring Technology: Comparing the Opportunities in Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Homes.

In this webinar, IDTechEx provides an update on the environmental gas sensor market and compares how opportunities for air quality monitoring vary for applications in smart cities, smart buildings, and smart homes. Questions addressed will include:

  • What are the latest innovations in miniaturized gas sensor technology?
  • What is the state of the market for air quality monitoring?
  • Why is adoption into 'smart-cities' still niche?
  • How do opportunities compare between smart-building and smart-home?

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