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Enfabrica Joins Ultra Ethernet Consortium
[November 14, 2023]

Enfabrica Joins Ultra Ethernet Consortium

Enfabrica Corporation, an emerging technology leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) networking silicon and software whose products are designed to the exacting demands of high-performance accelerated computing workloads, today announced that it has joined the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC). As a new UEC member, Enfabrica will work in tandem with other Consortium members to bridge the rapid buildout in AI and accelerated compute capacity to the overall performance, efficiency, and ease of scaling its associated data center network infrastructure.

The UEC's mission is to deliver more performant, efficient and scalable Ethernet network transport technology for AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads at scale, which is aligned to Enfabrica's goals. Earlier this year, Enfabrica announced its new, innovative Accelerated Compute Fabric Switch (ACF-S) product line designed to deliver scalable, streaming, multi-Terabit-per-second data movement between GPUs, CPUs, accelerators, memory and networking devices deployed in AI and HPC infrastructure. Enfabrica intends to contribute its own learnings in the space and expects to support the Consortium's approved Ultra Ethernet specifications in its ACF-S product roadmap for 2024 and beyond. Enfabrica is showcasing the ACF-S solution at Supercomputing 2023 (SC23), Exhibition Booth #586, taking place November 12-17in Denver, CO.

"Ultra Ethernet promises a needed evolution of Ethernet networking for the age of scale-out AI & HPC workloads, and we're excited to contribute to the Consortium's efforts to make that a reality," said Rochan Sankar, Enfabrica CEO and co-founder. "It's important for the industry that AI infrastructure technology players support truly open standards to which AI clusters are built and democratize the technology stack. Ultra Ethernet's technical goals - better bandwidth density, better load balancing, faster reaction to congestion, lower tail latency - are already core elements of Enfabrica's leading-edge ACF-S solution design. It makes sense for us to collaborate going forward."

"We are pleased to welcome Enfabrica to the Ultra Ethernet Consortium as a General Member and applaud their focus on delivering new network fabric technologies for accelerated computing," said J Metz, Ultra Ethernet Consortium Chair. "We look forward to our mutual collaboration and contributions to provide the industry an open, Ethernet based, high-performance communications stack architecture to meet the growing demands of AI and HPC workloads at scale."

Enfabrica recently increased its valuation more than five-fold by closing a $125 million Series B financing round in September 2023. The company is using the funds to advance production of its groundbreaking Accelerated Compute Fabric Switch (ACF-S) devices and solutions, which complement GPUs, CPUs and accelerators to solve critical networking, I/O and memory scaling problems in modern data centers. Enfabrica's ACF-S devices offer AI/HPC compute systems 10 times the performance of network adapters currently deployed, 50 percent lower cost of inference compute at scale, and up to 50X DRAM expansion to memory-constrained GPU and accelerator chips, all with 100% standards compliant hardware and software interfaces. In doing so, the ACF-S solution delivers unmatched resource scalability, I/O performance, supply chain flexibility and total cost of ownership to companies building AI/HPC systems and infrastructure. Customers can pre-order Enfabrica's 8 Terabit/second ACF-S system, equipped with native multi-port 800-Gigabit-Ethernet, PCIe and ComputeExpressLink (CXL) interfaces, by contacting [email protected].

About Enfabrica

Enfabrica is an emerging silicon and software company building the foundational fabric technologies for the age of AI. Its groundbreaking chips, software and enabled systems are designed to solve critical I/O bottlenecks in accelerated computing infrastructure, at any scale. Enfabrica is unleashing the revolution in next-gen computing with the world's most advanced, performant and efficient solutions interconnecting compute, memory and network. Because the fabric is the computer.

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