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Coveo G2B for CRM Enables a Complete View of Customer Information Deployable In Hours
[June 26, 2008]

Coveo G2B for CRM Enables a Complete View of Customer Information Deployable In Hours

BOSTON --(Business Wire)-- Coveo Solutions Inc., a global provider of search-powered information access solutions, announced today the limited availability of Coveo G2B(TM) for CRM. Coveo G2B for CRM is the only information access solution to provide designated users with a single view of all relevant customer data instantly from a wide variety of CRM applications and other data sources including, Siebel, corporate intranet, tech support emails, customer support databases, and ERP systems.

By enabling users to access critical customer data, Coveo G2B for CRM gives virtually everyone the latest information and better overall insight into the true customer relationship. This drives better business decisions and increased productivity.

Coveo G2B for CRM also provides users with advanced content analytics, allowing management and workers to quickly develop a visual analysis of customer data and present it graphically, such as in a spreadsheet or pie chart. In doing so, G2B for CRM empowers businesses to make better decisions for planning, forecasting and resource management.

"Whether through acquisition or other means, businesses today have customer data residing everywhere," said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo's president and CEO. "Coveo G2B for CRM enables businesses to better manage their customer information by providing their users a single, unified view of all the information on a customer. Like other solutions in the Coveo G2B Information Access Suite, Coveo G2B for CRM is addressing the needs of today's workforce by allowing instant access to critical business information anywhere, anytime"

CA, one of the world's largest information technology (IT) management software companies, has experienced the benefits of Coveo's solution. Within six hours, the company's Technical Support department loaded 1.6 million documents from its databases into Coveo's solution. "Previously, when someone asked us for distribution of our issues by year, or for the names of the top 20 customers who have had problems in a certain location, we'd have to go run a time-consuming database query report," said Sam Detweiler, VP, Technical Support at CA. "Now, through the use of Coveo's solution, this information is included as part of our results set every time we search, without any extra work."

Coveo G2B for CRM is part of the Coveo G2B Information Access Suite, which provides knowledge workers with an unrivaled ability to obtain a total view of the information they need to drive business. Built on the cutting-edge Coveo Enterprise Search-platform technology and winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo's search-powered business applications deliver industry-leading competence and consumer-style ease of use, a radically easier implementation that takes less than 24-hours, and "black-belt" level customer support.

As a 2008 SIIA CODiE Awards Winner and one of KMWorld magazine's "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management," Coveo is driving a market that is considered a gatekeeper to unleashing business success. Offering a radically different approach to deployment, Coveo's G2B solutions deliver proven organizational efficiencies for knowledge management, risk management, IP protection, compliance, and improved customer service experience.

About Coveo Solutions, Inc.

Coveo has radically simplified the delivery and deployment of platform-class Information Access solutions for accessing critical information located anywhere across the enterprise.

Winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo's G2B(TM) Information Access solutions deliver top-level security, unparalleled accuracy, and consumer-style ease of use. Our fully functional solutions are free to try, with continuing, uninterrupted use through a simple licensing activation. Implementation takes less than 24 hours, and includes "black-belt" level customer support even during the initial free trial period.

Coveo's enterprise clients include HP, Procter & Gamble, CA, Rabobank, PwC, Deloitte, Nomura, National Grid, AMN Healthcare, Lockheed Martin, NATO, NASA, AC Nielsen, US Navy, Yellow Pages Group (Canada), Haley & Aldrich, simyo GmbH, Michigan State Appellate Defenders Office and ESPN.

For more information, or to try Coveo G2B solutions free, contact our Sales department at 1.800.635.5476 or visit our website at

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