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CES 2021 PlayNitride's PixeLED MicroLED display technology - Display technology's innovative cutting-edge
[January 12, 2021]

CES 2021 PlayNitride's PixeLED MicroLED display technology - Display technology's innovative cutting-edge

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PixeLED display is a MicroLED display technology developed by PlayNitride. In addition to traditional display applications, PixeLED display may be used for innovative display applications that put it at the cutting edge of display technology worldwide.

The next-generation viewing experience

Display technology is constantly evolving, and MicroLED is the next generation solution. MicroLED offers self-emissive advantages and features high brightness, low power consumption, a wide color gamut, and high transparency. Therefore, MicroLED is a perfect display technology for all kinds of applications.

Large LED screen technologies are already well-known and widely used in TV walls and outdoor signage. Each pixel incorporates a tricolor (red, green, and blue) LED.

As its name implies, MicroLED is an ultra-small (less than <100µm) LED chip. MicroLED displays use these ultra-small LED chips in a matrix on a backplane with a driving circuit. The pixel sizes of MicroLED displays typically range from several dozen to less than a hundred microns.

MicroLED also has the advantages of traditional LEDs, including high brightness, low power consumption, fast response time, wide color gamut, and great reliability. MicroLED chips may be driven independently. Therefore, all sub-pixels are addressable, and we can control the full screen to display images and videos.


MicroLED may e used in innovative applications, and is considered the ultimate display technology.

All kinds of automotive MicroLED display applications, high transparency borderless MicroLED display, and ultra-high brightness wearable MicroLED displays are possible. MicroLED may also be used in traditional display applications.

PlayNitride Inc. was formally established in 2014, gathering a group of companions aimed to "Change the World" by bringing a new mindset to the Nitride industry.

Through innovative R&D and diverse business models, PlayNitride has become a leading company in the field of MicroLED technology, enabling our customers to shape the future.

PlayNitride Inc. was awarded the "Best Prototype Honoree" of I-Zone and "People's Choice Award – Best Small Booth" at SID Display Week in 2018 and 2019. The company is a high-profile booth, demonstrating outstanding abilities to build transparent displays using PixeLED display technology, which is an innovative and unique process of transferring RGB MicroLEDs onto a backplane. Furthermore, the MicroLED module TVs exhibited at CES 2019 and 2020 reflect the results of our alliance with industry leaders in MicroLED display technology. Building on our CES experience, PlayNitride will participate in CES 2021 together with the 100 featured Taiwanese startups selected and sponsored by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA).

PlayNitride is a partner of many leading global brands and manufacturers, including Taiwan/Korean/Japanese display manufacturers and well-known brand system vendors.

Looking to the future, PlayNitride will work to integrate "MicroLED Display Ecosystem" from wafer to system and continue to integrate new emerging applications using our extensive MicroLED display experience.

Dr. Yun-Li Li is the CEO and co-founder of PlayNitride, Inc., Dr. Li received his Ph.D. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) with Prof. Fred Schubert in 2003. Dr. Li's Ph.D. work focused on gallium nitride (GaN) light emitting devices and solid-state lighting applications.

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