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ATMOSai Announces the Launch of Its Platform to Optimize Business Operations Through Six Custom Web Apps
[May 10, 2022]

ATMOSai Announces the Launch of Its Platform to Optimize Business Operations Through Six Custom Web Apps

Cheyenne, Wyoming, based company ATMOSai today announces the launch of its new platform to transform business operations and management solutions. ATMOSai works with small and medium size businesses to increase efficiencies, lead generation, ROI, sales, and KPIs, decrease sales cycles, eliminate unnecessary expenses and staff, and improve client retention. ATMOS Partnerships also fully enables businesses to complete their SaaS ecosystem with one streamlined tech stack. In rapid growth mode, ATMOS is looking to expand our partnership reach globally; interested parties can apply here as an Affiliate or Service Partner or as a Certified Platform Reseller.

With ATMOSai, companies can add products through web apps that are fully integrated, secure, and scalable and enable them to centrally and efficiently manage their sales pipeline, customer relationships, operational finances, marketing, website and commissions. With one AI-powered business control center, our platform can simplify business operations from an entire operational team to a single back-office admin. Collaborate as a group or just as a single user system.

By adding ATMOSai to its tech stack, a business is able to receive a real-time, data powered, AI platform that gives insight into its clients' needs and how it can optimize fo those needs. As your high-performance business management platform, our mission is to create a solution that will inspire any leadership team to run all aspects of their operations and to fit the needs of any business size.

"With roots as entrepreneurs, our solution was created to practically and efficiently run any company, from emerging to well-established companies, in the following leading industries and beyond: manufacturing, home improvement, professional services, insurance, MLMs and telephonic sales, e-commerce and consumer goods," said Weston Quintrell, ATMOSai Chief Operating Officer. Quintrell continued, "We are on a mission to revolutionize the way that companies operate. We provide a robust solution that adds functionality and simplicity to a company's processes. Where systems were previously separate and disconnected, our unified platform powers smooth and clear workflows and provides the impetus that businesses need to transform initiatives."

During the pandemic alone, the SaaS industry has seen explosive growth as companies transition to alternative operating models. Last year, the global SaaS market reached a 130.69 billion USD valuation. At an expected 12% growth rate each year, SaaS has become the number one leader in the " a service" category. The current health crisis has allowed start-ups like ATMOSai to "unveil key opportunities available in the global E-commerce SaaS market to help players in achieving a strong market position," according to 360 Research Reports.

"ATMOSai is a turnkey solution that lets you focus on what matters most - growing your company without the hassle of building an entire technical and operational infrastructure from scratch," finished Quintrell. Schedule a demo or start a 14 day free trial with ATMOS to initiate on-the-go cloud-based business operations.

About ATMOSai

Founded in 2021 with worldwide employees, ATMOSai is a business management platform built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with a vision to continue developing a platform that will allow businesses to be more efficient, grow rapidly and focus more time on core values. We're passionate about helping businesses streamline their tech stack, close more deals and wow their customers - all while building a sustainable and scalable business.

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